Season 2

Episode Guide

Rock and Troll

S2 E1
Jun 12, 2015
Wally's dad is really excited to see his favorite band - The Rockin' Trolls - at their big concert tonight. But when the show is cancelled, Wally sets to work making his own rock and roll band to play a concert for his dad.

The Nice Ninjas

S2 E2
Apr 16, 2015
Wally lets Norville decide what words starting with 'n' to make, and Norville wants to play ninjas. Their ninja skills get put to the test when they conjure a naughty noodle, who teams with Bobgoblin to serve up mischief.

Home Swamp Home

S2 E3
May 18, 2015
Stan of the Swamp's home is overrun by honkweeds - really annoying plants that can't stop honking.

The Goblin Cold

S2 E4
May 20, 2015
While outside skateboarding, Bobgoblin comes down with a goblin cold.

Critter Campers

S2 E5
Sep 15, 2015
Wally and Norville belong to Critter Campers - a scouting group for kids and their pet critters. Today their troop is going on a hike, and at the end, they're going to camp and eat s'mores!

The Big Cake Mistake

S2 E6
Sep 17, 2015
Wally and Norville are surprised to discover that Cake Monster now works at the bakery - it's his first day! But when Barbara Baker gets called away for a baking emergency, Wally has to help the mistake-prone monster run the bakery.

Dawn of the Zucchini

S2 E7
Oct 23, 2015
While helping Gina Giant harvest vegetables from her garden, Wally and Norville meet a garden gnome. His name is Zach, but he doesn't like his name because he thinks that 'z' isn't a very fun letter.

Young Norville

S2 E8
Nov 13, 2015
Norville is finally big enough for he and Wally to go on a much anticipated night flight! But Norville accidentally bumps into the magic word "young" and turns into a puppy again! Wally and Norville must find Ogre Doug fast.

Ricky Robot

S2 E9
Nov 3, 2015
Wally uses a word to power up Gina Giant's toy, making him a real working robot! Ricky Robot can do all kinds of amazing things, but can only do one thing at a time or he'll malfunction.

There's a Flouse in My House

S2 E10
Nov 5, 2015
Wally and Norville are enjoying breakfast when there's a knock at the window. It's a frantic Gina Giant - someone is taking her stuff! Wally makes himself, Norville, and Gina into detectives to investigate.


S2 E11
Jan 15, 2020
While outside playing with Norville, Wally decides to make it snow. Everyone has a blast sledding and making snow angels - but then Bobgoblin builds a snowgoblin and makes it come alive with a magic carrot nose!

Buddy Pal Friend Day

S2 E12
Feb 12, 2016
It's Buddy Pal Friend Day, the day where everyone picks a pal and gives him or her a heartfelt gift. Bobgoblin happily receives his gift from his pal, Hattie, but doesn't give her anything in return.

The Great Missing Potato

S2 E13
Feb 5, 2016
Norville's beloved Squeaky Cyclops toy is broken, so Norville and Wally travel to the Great Wishing Potato to wish for it to be fixed. They discover Bobgoblin is filling in for the Goblin Guard.

Captain Animal

S2 E14
Oct 8, 2016
Wally and Norville are playing superheroes and invite Ogre Doug to join them, but Ogre Doug doesn't know how - he's never been a superhero before! Together they come up with the perfect super-persona for Ogre Doug: Captain Animal.

The Bathmobile

S2 E15
Jan 15, 2020
Wally creates a bathmobile to help clean the town on Clean Up Day. But trouble brews when a mud monster is spotted roaming the forest and getting everyone dirty.

Wally's Great Big Birthday Hunt

S2 E16
Jan 15, 2020
It's Wally's birthday, and his friends - all incognito in disguises - have set up a silly quest that Wally must go on in order to find his birthday party.

Act Like Your Hat

S2 E17
Jan 19, 2017
Gina Giant is throwing an "Act Like Your Hat" party. She has a trunk full of different hats (from cowboy hats to chef hats) and each friend has to pick a hat and act like it. The fun escalates when Wally makes the hats magic.

The Chickephant's Getting Married

S2 E18
Jan 15, 2020
The Chickephant and the Goorilla are getting married, and it's Wally's job to plan the big wedding and make sure everything goes just right.

Keeping Cappie Happy

S2 E19
Feb 16, 2017
Wally and Norville go to the playground where they find Hattie, Bobgoblin, and Hattie's toddler sister, Cappie.

Going Coconuts

S2 E20
Apr 3, 2017
Wizard Jeff asks Wally to house-sit for him while he's on vacation. He gives Wally three simple tasks to complete and warns him not to say "coconuts" in the house.

A Very Villainous Vacation

S2 E21
Jan 15, 2020
The Trollman family has decided that today would be a perfect day to go on a vacation! With the help of Wally's magic stick, they journey to a beach where they play volleyball, build sandcastles, and read books.

Ted the Bed

S2 E22
Jan 15, 2020
Wally and friends are having a sleepover in the clubhouse, but they forgot their sleeping bags. So Wally creates a bed for them to sleep on...which they decide to name Ted. POOF! A lovable, energetic Ted the Bed appears!

Power Tie

S2 E23
Jan 15, 2020
Wally's dad has a special tie that gives whoever wears it super strength. But when Bobgoblin gets his hands on the power tie and starts rearranging the town, Wally and Norville have to fix the town and get the tie back.

Show and Tell and Run

S2 E24
Jan 15, 2020
It's show and tell day at Wally's school! But Bobgoblin forgot to bring in something to show, so he borrows a magic word from Wally and accidentally makes the whole school go wacky!

Sticky Picnic

S2 E25
Jan 15, 2020
Gina Giant is throwing a big picnic, and everyone is excited to go!

The Collar Caper

S2 E26
Jan 15, 2020
When Norville's collar accidentally sinks into a deep lake, Libby Light Sprite comes up with a perfect solution to get it back. They'll use a bubblebush to create a giant bubble they can ride in underwater!