• Clarissa Explains It All Season 3

    S3 E12: Marshall's Parents Come to Visit

    24M FEB 12, 1993 TV-G

    S3 E12: Clarissa is glad her grandparents are the one thing in her life that never changes. She looks forward to their visit because she gets to be the DJ at their anniversary party and also plan non-stressful activities for these old timers.

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Clarissa Explains It All
Produced for Nickelodeon, Clarissa does explain it all in this series. Why do people do the things they do? Along with unfolding stories, sarcastic and funny teenage host Clarissa Darling sits on her bed and gives it to the audience straight. Along with her friends, Clarissa tackles coming-of-age issues with wit and irreverence.
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Clarissa Explains It All