How A Rescue Dog Became A Hollywood Star

Meet Cato, A.K.A. Indy from Under The Dome!
Posted on Aug 25, 2015 | 09:35am
Get to know Cato, who you may recognize as Indy from Under The Dome, and learn more about his trainers and relationship with Dean Norris (Big Jim).

Animal Trainer Robert Scott Schweitzer, who appears in the video above, answered some bonus questions about Cato and his experience with Under The Dome.

What is the audition process like for the dogs?

Cato's pictures were submitted along with what he's done in the past, then we did a video of all of the things he can do and his "look." Then, from my understanding, Dean had a final say. 

How did Cato end up working in TV and film?

That's a long story. We were down in Mexico doing a movie, and the movie company wanted authentic looking Mexican street dogs in the background. Cato was one of the dogs we found. He literally went from living on the streets of Mexico City to living in Hollywood and working in the movies.  

How did you get into training dogs for TV and movies?

From an early age I was interested in training animals. I've been very lucky to work with all kinds of animals—from the kind that swim to the kind that fly. 

What's Cato's life like when he's not working? Is there a large group of other acting dogs he lives with?

Cato is a house dog. He has a best friend named Axle (who has had his fair share of acting roles). They have a large backyard. I wouldn't call him lazy but he definitely rests a lot.

What's the most ambitious stunt or performance you've had to work with Cato on?

On one episode, Cato had to attack Barbie and we trained him to attack his pant leg. It was very hard and things don't turn out as we trained, but we did get the shot.

When working with dogs, what trait or traits make for the best performer?

Outgoing, not afraid of anything, and energy.

Have there been any happy accidents with Cato on set where he did something unexpected that ended up making it into the show or movie?

Let's just say there have been plenty of outtakes of him doing the absolutely wrong things that will never make it into the show.