Inside The Dome—Fan Questions Answered By Executive Producer Tim Schlattmann

Posted on Aug 5, 2015 | 08:40am
You asked, and Under The Dome Executive Producer Tim Schlattmann answered. The following questions are from followers of our @UnderTheDomeCBS Twitter account, who were invited to submit them last week.

How did Aktaion enter the Dome?
In the second episode, Aktaion CEO Hektor allowed Don, Barbie's father, to take the egg back to Chester's Mill. His men tailed Don and saw him use the red door to gain access inside the Dome. Everything you saw in the two-hour premiere will pay itself off by the end of this season.

Does the melody that Junior whistled have something to do with Christine's powers?
The melody isn't tied to Christine specifically, it's more of a thread that connects and unites the kinship. The melody's origins are a mystery, but most likely tied to this species' alien homeworld.

What can we look forward to for the second half of the season?
If the first part of the season was "The Matrix" and the second half was "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers"—then the last part of this season is "War Of The Worlds" with the fate of Chester's Mill and the Dome decided once and for all as the kinship and the resistance go toe-to-toe.

Is Julia being the Monarch still important? Or did that end when the egg was destroyed?
Julia's role as a monarch ended with the egg being destroyed. What would've happened had it not been destroyed and Julia's role in the kinship had she been cocooned will remain a mystery. But the four hands and the pink stars definitely come back around toward the end of the season.
Is the dog, Indie, only there as a friend for Big Jim or will he have a bigger role in this season? 
Now where's the fun if we tell you that? Ha.
Why is Eva pregnant with Barbie's baby? Is that real or something the Dome has done?
It's very real. The kinship takes over a body already adapted to a planet. Eva and Barbie's bodies are still human. And when human bodies connect—well, that's where babies come from. It was simple biology and had nothing to do with the Dome. How fast the baby grows, now that's a different answer.

What is Christine? (i.e, alien, devil, etc.)
Human Christine was a victim of circumstance, sent after the egg by Aktaion having no idea what would happen when she made contact with it. Kinship Christine isn't good, nor evil. Her priorities and motivations have simply changed—she wants for the kinship what every living species wants: to thrive, survive, and propagate.