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Barbie Carries the Weight of the Dome on His Shoulders: 7 Strong Examples

Posted on Jul 23, 2014 | 07:05am

The first time Barbie appeared on our TVs last summer he was carrying not only a secret, but the first Miller of many. Throughout the series Barbie has used his brawn to carry, move, drag and haul numerous Millers from place to place. This trademark move has helped many and even hidden a few secrets.  Check out this list celebrating some of Barbie’s best physical accomplishments and let’s hope we get to see him use his muscle again!

1. Barbie carries his first Miller to his final resting place.

2. Barbie gets a little help from his friends.

3. The first of many Barbie and Julia hero moments.

4. He even does it in the rain!

5. Lady with a baby coming through.

6. Please refer to item 3.

7. So nice he does it twice! (please see #4)