Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

The Case of the Missing Flowers

S1 E1
Aug 21, 2019
Tot Cop and Officer Ruth are on patrol when they see that mom's flowers are missing from the garden. With a few clues left behind and some shady suspects, they'll have to solve the case in a hurry-it's almost time for lunch!

The Case of the Disappearing Necklace

S1 E2
Aug 21, 2019
Oh, no! Mom's about to leave and she can't find her favorite necklace. Tot Cop races to the jewelry stand to retrieve it only to discover that it's missing! It's up to our investigative duo to find the answer and crack the case!

The Cake Caper

S1 E3
Aug 21, 2019
Tot Cop and Officer Ruth pull up to Cookie Dog's diner just in time to protect a special cake from the Finger Monsters. But when the cake disappears right under their noses, it's a race against time to get it back before dinner!

Operation: Find Fuzz

S1 E4
Aug 21, 2019
When Tot Cop and Officer Ruth learn that Sprinkles' best friend Fuzz has been abducted by a robot vacuum cleaner, they race to get Fuzz out of the robot's belly - but first, they need to find it!

Mr. Elephant and His Flying Machine

S1 E5
Aug 21, 2019
Mr. Elephant crashes on his way to deliver a secret message to Tot Cop from next-door neighbor, Addie. Will Tot Cop and Officer Ruth be able to find Mr. Elephant and fix his flying machine in order to retrieve the important note?

Yeti, Set, Go!

S1 E6
Aug 21, 2019
Tot Cop's patrol car is gone! His friend, Pudding, was looking for a place to nap when he accidentally set the car in motion. But Pudding can't drive! Tot Cop and Officer Ruth must chase after Pudding and steer him to safety.

The Pudding Problem

S1 E7
Aug 21, 2019
Cookie Dog's diner is a mess! Could Pudding be the culprit? He loves pudding, and it's all over the place. But while Tot Cop and Officer Ruth have him in custody, the diner is struck again. Who is behind this dessert disaster?

Snow Problem

S1 E8
Aug 21, 2019
It's snowing and Tot can't find Sprinkles. Fuzz last saw him outside - what if he is lost in the snow? Tot Cop and Officer Ruth organize a search party to locate Sprinkles. Will they find him before the snow covers his tracks?

Egg-cellent Investigation

S1 E9
Aug 21, 2019
Tot Cop and Officer Ruth play by the patrol car when a new case lands at their feet. Mama Bird's eggs are missing from the nest! Tot Cop and Officer Ruth are on the case, but can they find the eggs before they hatch?

Secret Mystery Birthday

S1 E10
Aug 21, 2019
Tot Cop and Officer Ruth receive a message from the Birthday Bandit. If they ever want to see Tot Cop's birthday present, they've got to decode the message and unmask the bandit. Can Tot Cop and Ruth solve this birthday mystery?