Season 4

Episode Guide


S4 E1
Feb 3, 2018
Howie Mandel confronts his germaphobia, Scott Thompson learns the meaning of "rock bottom," and Roy Wood Jr. meets the sex-crazed godfather of Miami bass.


S4 E2
Feb 10, 2018
Kevin Smith unexpectedly rekindles his marriage, and Louie Katz falls in love with a gutter punk.


S4 E3
Feb 17, 2018
Tom Green recounts his experience with the president on "The Celebrity Apprentice, Michael McDonald tries to teach comedy to Faye Dunaway, and Brad Williams has to judge his identity for a celebrity golf tournament.


S4 E4
Feb 24, 2018
It's all acid trips, drug deals and robberies when Dan Soder and Shane Mauss share stories about the worst nightmares they've been forced to experience.


S4 E5
Mar 3, 2018
Roy Wood Jr. debunks a myth about Rod Stewart, Kathleen Madigan sniffs out a scam in Paris, and Bret Ernst's mom meddles in his sex life several different ways.


S4 E6
Mar 10, 2018
Roy Wood Jr. welcomes Louie Anderson, Byron Bowers and DeRay Davis to the stage to tell true stories about growing up with less-than-perfect fathers.


S4 E7
Mar 17, 2018
Theo Von, Tom Rhodes, Dave Landau and Chris Porter share their craziest tales of drinking and debauchery in a special hour-long episode.


S4 E8
Mar 24, 2018
Chris Redd, Martha Kelly and Lil Rel Howery open up about times when life became more than just a figurative battle.

Strange Lands

S4 E9
Mar 31, 2018
Talib Kweli, Rob Christensen and Harland Williams bare their souls and talk about summoning the courage to brave the unknown.


S4 E10
Apr 7, 2018
Big Jay Oakerson is humiliated online after being caught cheating, Michael Kosta gets rejected by a childhood crush, and Tom Arnold schemes to embezzle fast food.

Drugs Drugs Drugs

S4 E11
Feb 1, 2019
Roy Wood Jr. gets roped into performing at a crack dealer's comedy show, Drew Carey freaks out his friend who's high out of his mind, and Ali Siddiq downs a bag of mushrooms.


S4 E12
Feb 8, 2019
Jim Norton attends a bris for the first time, a man dangles his balls in front of Sean Patton, and Joel Kim Booster visits an Amsterdam sex club.


S4 E13
Feb 15, 2019
Roy Wood Jr. memorizes customers' food preferences at Golden Corral, Carrot Top's act goes down in flames, and Mike Lawrence works a dehumanizing fast-food job.


S4 E14
Feb 22, 2019
Kyle Kinane's first sports victory turns tragic, Kurt Metzger refuses to show his friend his penis, and Gastor Almonte robs $1,000 from a few drug dealers.


S4 E15
Mar 1, 2019
Eddie Pepitone loses his virginity to his college professor, Thomas Dale downs an entire bottle of sleeping pills, and Dave Macklovitch replaces Chippendale dancers at a gig.


S4 E16
Mar 8, 2019
Tiffany Haddish's bar mitzvah dancing turns deadly, Mark Normand is pursued after breaking a man's car mirror, and DeRay Davis hides in a club's bathroom during a shooting.

Crime & Punishment

S4 E17
Mar 15, 2019
The DEA raids Tommy Chong's house, Tone Bell robs fake money from his math teacher, and Steve Lemme gets pulled over by a fan.


S4 E18
Mar 22, 2019
Roy Wood Jr. holds a grudge against boy band B2K for years, Darrell Hammond is saved by cops in the French Quarter, and Sean Flannery drives his car off a bridge.


S4 E19
Mar 29, 2019
Brendan Schaub faces the biggest UFC fight of his life, Rita Rudner finds an old man's cat, and Ryan Sickler gets offered a job with the Baltimore Colts.


S4 E20
Apr 5, 2019
Jay Larson walks a blind man home, Julian McCullough lies to his parents about where he was after school, and Joey Diaz doesn't tell his mom he got held back in school.