Episode Guide

Season 50

Episode Guide


S50 E171
Jun 02, 2023
Kyle busts Summer, and Phyllis tries to make amends with Daniel, and Sharon has a dangerous reunion with Cameron.


S50 E170
Jun 01, 2023
Nick is torn between Sally and Sharon, Chelsea empathizes with Adam, and Ashley and Tucker discuss their future.


S50 E169
May 31, 2023
Chance gives Sharon distributing news about Cameron, Adam proves himself to Sally, and Kyle gets caught in Summer’s web of deceit.


S50 E168
May 30, 2023
Daniel has a change of heart, Nikki does damage control, and Cameron Kirsten makes himself at home in Genoa City.


S50 E167
May 29, 2023
Victor gives Nate the third degree, Summer plays with fire, and Christine uncovers Phyllis’ latest scheme.


S50 E166
May 26, 2023
Sharon receives a cryptic message, Sally and Chloe pursue a new venture, and Summer makes a pact with Phyllis.


S50 E165
May 25, 2023
Phyllis makes a bold move, Lily catches Daniel off guard, and Devon takes the high road.


S50 E164
May 24, 2023
Nikki gives Victoria unsolicited advice, Summer apologizes to Kyle, and Ashely makes a shocking announcement.


S50 E163
May 23, 2023
Jack and Billy strategize against Ashley, Tucker and Audra reach an understanding, and Sharon shares disturbing news with Nick.


S50 E162
May 22, 2023
Victor gives Adam a warning, Billy and Chelsea switch gears, and Chance discovers his investigation was sabotaged.


S50 E161
May 19, 2023
Victor teaches Nick a painful lesson, Sharon receives a mysterious gift, and Tucker tries to make amends with Abby.


S50 E160
May 18, 2023
Jack and Kyle take matters into their own hands, Sharon experiences déjà vu, and Devon starts a new chapter.


S50 E159
May 17, 2023
Nick warns Victoria about Nate, Lauren learns the truth about Phyllis, and Ashley lashes out at Diane.


S50 E158
May 16, 2023
Victor pushes Jack’s buttons, Kyle comes clean with Diane, and Summer reminisces with Billy.


S50 E157
May 15, 2023
Jack keeps a secret from Diane, Elena discuss the state of affairs with Nate, and Sally ponders an important decision.


S50 E156
May 12, 2023
Michael catches a break defending Diane, Daniel struggles with a morale dilemma, and Devon makes up for lost time with Harmony.


S50 E155
May 11, 2023
Adam pushes Nick’s buttons, Diane receives a tempting proposition, and Tucker’s stay at the Abbotts causes chaos.


S50 E154
May 10, 2023
Victor drives a hard bargain with Adam, Sally and Chloe await important news, and Nikki forces Victoria to come clean about Nate.


S50 E153
May 09, 2023
Jack defends his actions to Ashley, Elena makes a bold move, and Summer stands her ground with Kyle.


S50 E152
May 08, 2023
Malcolm returns home to Genoa City, Daniel struggles keeping Phyllis’ secret, and Devon makes a surprise announcement.


S50 E151
May 05, 2023
Victor and Nikki join Devon and Lily to honor Neil’s memory, Abby questions Ashley about Tucker, and a surprise visitor returns to Genoa City.


S50 E150
May 04, 2023
Victoria and Nate receive a reality check, Diane looks forward to a second chance, and Tucker works to regain Devon’s trust.


S50 E149
May 03, 2023
Jack shares shocking news with Diane, Devon and Lily take on a new endeavor, and Summer comes clean with Daniel.


S50 E148
May 02, 2023
Victor gives Sally an ultimatum, Summer struggles with keeping secrets from Kyle, and Elena connects with J.T. Hellstrom.


S50 E147
May 01, 2023
Ashley and Billy do damage control against Diane, Victoria and Nate mix business with pleasure, and Michael crosses the line to help a client.


S50 E146
Apr 28, 2023
Jack makes an impulsive decision, Summer and Daniel share a difference of opinion, and Michael disappoints Lauren.


S50 E145
Apr 27, 2023
Victoria questions Nick’s loyalty, Nate covers his tracks, and Phyllis pleads her case.


S50 E144
Apr 26, 2023
Victor strikes a deal with Adam, Nate receives a tempting invitation, and Summer’s world is rocked.


S50 E143
Apr 25, 2023
Victor orders Nick to take the high road with Adam, Tucker packs his bags, and Jack crosses the line to help Diane.


S50 E142
Apr 24, 2023
Victor forces Tucker’s hand, Billy and Chelsea take a big step, and Ashley back Jack into a corner.


S50 E141
Apr 21, 2023
Michael pleads his case to Christine, friends and family gather to celebrate Teriah, and Billy and Kyle engage in a power struggle at Jabot.


S50 E140
Apr 20, 2023
Victor questions Nick’s judgement about Sally, Devon stands his ground, and sparks fly between Daniel and Lily.


S50 E139
Apr 19, 2023
Victor forces Tucker’s hand, Sharon enlists Abby’s help, and Elena loses patience with Nate.


S50 E138
Apr 18, 2023
Nikki encounters someone from her past, Chance’s investigation takes a surprising turn, and Michael faces a moral dilemma.


S50 E137
Apr 17, 2023
Victor teaches Adam a painful lesson, Phyllis’ plan for revenge backfires, and Jack calls in a favor with Christine.


S50 E136
Apr 14, 2023
Jack vows to protect Diane, Mariah and Tessa return home, and Nick gives Nate an ultimatum!


S50 E135
Apr 13, 2023
Nikki and Lauren join forces against Diane, Abby accepts Devon’s invitation , and Nate and Victoria give into temptation.


S50 E134
Apr 12, 2023
Danny keeps a secret from Daniel, Chance uncovers damaging evidence, and Phyllis stays one step ahead.


S50 E133
Apr 11, 2023
Victor strategizes with Devon, Christine commiserates with Lauren, and Phyllis second guesses her alliance with Jeremy.


S50 E132
Apr 10, 2023
Daniel plots his revenge, Ashley gives Jack a reality check, and Kyle struggles to connect with Summer.


S50 E131
Apr 07, 2023
Victor discovers deception at Newman, Devon and Lily reach an understanding, and Adam fights for his place in the Newman family.


S50 E130
Apr 06, 2023
Victor and Jack join forces, Michael receives a disturbing message, and Nikki takes matters into her own hands.


S50 E129
Apr 05, 2023
Summer loses patience with Diane, Chelsea shares words of wisdom with Billy, and Elena goes on the defense against Victoria.


S50 E128
Apr 04, 2023
Nick and Sharon discuss their turbulent past, Daniel threatens Jeremy Stark, and Devon and Abby’s relationship takes an unexpected turn.


S50 E127
Apr 03, 2023
Victor and Victoria conspire against Tucker, Nick stops Leanna Love in her tracks, and shocking news rocks Genoa City.


S50 E126
Mar 31, 2023
Elena loses patience with Victoria, Amanda gives Lily unsolicited advice, and Daniel receives startling news.


S50 E125
Mar 30, 2023
Victor is suspicious of Phyllis, Devon and Amanda discuss unfinished business, and Tucker keeps Ashley on her toes.


S50 E124
Mar 29, 2023
Genoa City is shocked by Jack and Diane’s announcement, Danny and Gina return home, and Amanda makes a grand entrance.


S50 E123
Mar 28, 2023
Victor seizes an opportunity to strike a deal with Jill, Christine reunites with Nina, and Phyllis and Diane’s feud reaches its breaking point


S50 E122
Mar 27, 2023
Victor and Nikki celebrate a success, Jill works to repair Devon and Lily’s relationship, and Jack is shocked by a party crasher’s arrival at the gala.