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Catherine Parr
Joely Richardson
Played by Joely Richardson

Henry 8's sixth and final marriage to Catherine was one of his longest, lasting five years. She was twice widowed when they married. She proved herself extremely capable as acting Regent when Henry was on the battlefield in Bolougne and was a loving stepmother to the King's three children. She came close to being tried for treason when her enemies, notably Bishop Gardiner, accused her of being a committed Protestant. After Henry's death she married Prince Edward's uncle Thomas Seymour, but died in childbirth soon after.

Joely Richardson is perhaps best known for her role as Julia McNamara in the TV drama NIP/TUCK. Born in London to actress Vanessa Redgrave and the late director Tony Richardson, she had acting running in her veins and performed on screen and stage from a young age. After abandoning an earlier career ambition to become a professional tennis player, Richardson made her screen acting breakthrough in Peter Greenaway's DROWNING BY NUMBERS (1988) and came to American audience's attention in the 1991 comedy KING RALPH. Among her many credits are the TV films WALLIS AND EDWARD (2005), LIES MY MOTHER TOLD ME (2005), and the feature films THE PATRIOT (2000), EVENT HORIZON (1997) 101 DALMATIONS (1996), and THE AFFAIR OF THE NECKLACE (2001).