Season 4

Episode Guide

Episode 1

S4 E1
Aug 12, 1995
Narcolepsy Today, Race, Howard Report, H's & M's, Slinkys, Hot Dogs, Tenement, Cleaners, Hallmark, and Monkeys Do It II.

Episode 2

S4 E2
Aug 13, 1995
Hokey Pokey, Bikini Thong, Buddy's Home From Finals, Normal Pervert, Taco Man, 'The Jew, The Italian and The Red Head Gay II, Pt. 1,' Senator Cavanaugh, 'The Jew, The Italian and The Red Head Gay II, Pt. 2,' Sports Beat, Alcoholism, and Dead Montage.

Episode 3

S4 E3
Aug 14, 1995
Ghost Story, Sal & Frankie, SAT's Pt. 1, Dysfunctional Family, Prince's Reception, Cutlery Barn, Tuxedo, Lil' Brown Dog Food, Die For Love, SAT's Pt. 2, and Laupin Variety Programme.

Episode 4

S4 E4
Aug 15, 1995
Hitchhiker, Terrorist Situation, Leonard Harris Show, Permanent School Record, Free Market Economy, Beach, Fragments, Billy's Play, Coffee Family, and Cannonball Run.

Episode 5

S4 E5
Aug 16, 1995
Great Moments, Prison Break, Sideways House Family, Super Robby, Mr. Flemming's Arrival, Prom, Inbred Bros: Army, Borscht Boy, and Walton's Theme.

Episode 6

S4 E6
Aug 19, 1995
Blinking Contest, Dentist, Sci-Fi Laboratory, High Plains Magic Fairy, Jerry's Audition, Bacon, Kiss My Grits, Last Will & Testament, and One Camper.

Episode 7

S4 E7
Aug 26, 1995
L.A. Open, James Dixon: Jedi Talent Agent, Tough Choices, Gas Station, Gunter Brothers, Desert Extras, Real Estate Broker, Adventures of Young God, Farewell and Hi-lite Reel.