Season 3

Episode Guide

The Proof Is in the Penis

S3 E1
Feb 4, 2010
Laura falsely tells Sarah that she was born with a penis and a vagina, and Brian and Steve are haunted by a ghost.

The Silverman and the Pillows

S3 E2
Feb 11, 2010
Brian and Steve's genitals have an unpleasant odor, and Sarah makes her own children's television show.

A Slip Slope

S3 E3
Feb 18, 2010
Sarah sues "Home Alone," and Brian seeks revenge on a bird who repeatedly poops on him.


S3 E4
Feb 25, 2010
Sarah campaigns for fake mayoral candidate May Kadoody, and Steve asks Brian to consider marriage.

Smellin' of Troy

S3 E5
Mar 11, 2010
Troy, Sarah's childhood imaginary friend, returns and lures her into a life of sex and drugs. Steve's song that mocks Brian gains immense popularity.

A Fairly Attractive Mind

S3 E6
Mar 19, 2010
A magical dragon phone causes Brian and Steve to switch bodies, and Sarah tries to inspire people with a disability she doesn't have.

Songs in the Key of Yuck

S3 E7
Mar 26, 2010
Sarah convinces jam band fans that drugs make them like their favorite music, and Laura finds a way to cope with Officer Jay's "laughmares."

Just Breve

S3 E8
Apr 2, 2010
Sarah narrates the story of Breve, the baby robot; Laura and Jay open up to each other about their sexual interests.

A Good Van Is Hard to Find

S3 E9
Apr 9, 2010
Brian and Steve fight over laundry responsibilities, and Sarah realizes that vans make people creepy.