Season 3

Episode Guide

The Real 7

S3 E1
Apr 20, 2022
The roommates from The Real World New Orleans are moving back in and reuniting for the first time in 22 years. Decades long feuds quickly resurface.

Outta Bounds Part 1

S3 E2
Apr 26, 2022
Danny opens up about living in the spotlight, post-Real World. Julie's attempts to get back in the roommates' good graces are derailed by a wild night out.

Outta Bounds Part 2

S3 E3
Apr 21, 2022
Julie's erratic behavior rubs her roommates the wrong way, leading to a confrontation with Tokyo. Danny and ex-boyfriend Paul meet for the first time since their breakup.

It Shouldn't be Comfortable, We're talking about Racism

S3 E4
May 11, 2022
The roommates continue to try to make Julie understand why her complaints about Tokyo's actions towards her after a wild night out were harmful. And a surprise visit brings some fun to a tense household.

There's Something About Jamie

S3 E5
May 18, 2022
Jamie and Julie have rekindled their old friendship, but a shocking revelation about their past sexual history leaves the roommates wondering whether they might be more than friends. After Danny calls Matt out for some homophobic comments from 2000, Matt starts to fear his presence in the house is at odds with his religious faith.

Spiritual Bypassings

S3 E6
May 25, 2022
While Matt continues to wonder if his presence in the house is at odds with his religious faith, Julie drops a bombshell about her own religious beliefs. A visit from Julie's husband ends in chaos after he questions the nature of Julie's relationship with Jamie. Danny and Matt hash out their differences. Kelley feels out of place in the house.

It's Not Regret, It's Reset

S3 E7
Jun 01, 2022
Kelley finds herself in increasingly uncomfortable situations in the house. In the aftermath of his visit, Julie's husband gives her a hall pass to do with as she pleases. With his roommates' help, Tokyo resurrects "Come On Be My Baby Tonight".

Get to the Finish Line

S3 E8
Jun 08, 2022
As the roommates' time in New Orleans comes to an end, they reflect on how they've all changed since 2000 and leave their mark on the city one last time. With the help of Melissa's old friend Lionel, the roommates memorialize their experience with a mural painting. Melissa and Julie think that Tokyo is closing himself off again and try to get him to open up more. When Mardi Gras shows up at their front door Kelley has a realization and drops a bombshell on the rest of the house.