Season 2

Episode Guide

The Calling

S2 E1
Jun 19, 2016
After learning about Father Nicholas's past before being called to the priesthood, Jim searches for his life's purpose outside of comedy.

The Trial

S2 E2
Jun 19, 2016
Jim lands in social-outrage jail and is tried in the court of public opinion for his tweet about women.


S2 E3
Jun 26, 2016
Jim is asked to audition opposite Alec Baldwin for a character named "Ugly," Jeannie gets cat-called on the street, and Andy Cohen ghosts Daniel.

The List

S2 E4
Jul 3, 2016
Jim desperately tries to regain indie cred after being left off a Brooklyn blogger's list of the top comedians in New York.

No Good Deed Part 1

S2 E5
Jul 10, 2016
When Jim lands a headlining gig at Caroline's, Dave pressures him to be the opening act.

No Good Deed Part 2

S2 E6
Jul 17, 2016
While Dave develops his TV Land pilot with John Mulaney, Jim receives an opportunity to pitch his own show to Will Ferrell.

No Good Deed Part 3

S2 E7
Jul 24, 2016
Jim auditions to play himself, while Dave's table-read goes so poorly that, TV Land pulls the plug.

He Said She Said

S2 E8
Jul 31, 2016
Jim and Jeannie visit Father Nicholas for marriage counseling after an argument and, each recount their own version of events.

My Brother's Keeper

S2 E9
Aug 7, 2016
Jim's older brother Mitch visits New York, to ditch his banking job, try stand-up and follow in the footsteps of his favorite comedian, Louis C.K.

Jim At The Museum

S2 E10
Aug 14, 2016
When Jeannie's dentist appointment is rescheduled for the day of their family trip to the Museum of Natural History, Jim takes all five kids unsupervised.

Bosom Buddies

S2 E11
Aug 21, 2016
Jeannie goes out of town with the kids, but Jim's weekend alone is spoiled by Daniel and his despair over a cheating boyfriend.

The Mike Gaffigan Show

S2 E12
Aug 21, 2016
Jim's kids are too scared to sleep through a thunderstorm, so he tells them about his strict father and the time his family weathered a tornado.