Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Lizzie Borden

S1 E1
Sep 7, 2020
Join Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris as she uses the latest tools to re-investigate the murders that made Lizzie Borden a legend.

A Rolling Stone

S1 E2
Sep 14, 2020
Was the Rolling Stones' Brian Jones the victim of an accidental drowning...or of a miscarriage of justice? You decide.

A Titanic Child

S1 E3
Sep 21, 2020
Revisit the case of the unknown boy who perished on the Titanic voyage and discover who he was and how he died.

Brittany Murphy

S1 E4
Sep 28, 2020
We examine the mysterious death of Brittany Murphy though eyewitness accounts, chemical analysis, and a virtual autopsy.

Harry Houdini

S1 E5
Oct 5, 2020
Did Houdini really die of a ruptured appendix, or was he the victim of a powerful group that wanted him dead?

Pablo Escobar

S1 E6
Oct 12, 2020
Was the shooting death of Pablo Escobar an act of justice, revenge or was it a suicide? Join us as we deliver a verdict.