Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Run The World

S1 E1
Mar 8, 2023
Host TJ Lavin brings together the most decorated Challenge Legends of all time and the fiercest Global MVPs from Argentina, Australia, the UK, and the USA for a groundbreaking and grueling new competition. Who will become the Champion of Champions?

When Worlds Collide

S1 E2
Mar 8, 2023
The Legends and Global MVPs join forces and begin their quest for $500,000 and the title of first ever Challenge World Champion. After a brutal Challenge, paranoia runs rampant as the players are forced to nominate teams for elimination.

Us Against The World

S1 E3
Mar 15, 2023
Relationships are questioned as the Competitors jockey to avoid being sent into elimination. Some Global MVPs begin to distrust the Legend players' gameplay. A scheming Challenger's double-dealing leads to an explosive confrontation.

World On Fire

S1 E4
Mar 22, 2023
The Competitors put their bodies on the line as they try to escape the "Gates Of Hell." A group of eager MVPs secretly plot to remove strong players from the game, but face resistance from their Legend partners.

Everybody Wants To Rule The World

S1 E5
Mar 29, 2023
A mighty competitor's questionable gameplay creates chaos in the house. The Legends clash with their MVP partners over control of the game. A rogue player with a grudge turns on their alliance.

Brave New World

S1 E6
Apr 5, 2023
Resentment, distrust, and uncertainty linger in the aftermath of a chaotic nominations. Some competitors soar while others crash down at the "Rocketman" challenge. A scorned player destroys an alliance in order to protect themselves and their partner.

The New World Order

S1 E7
Apr 12, 2023
A group of underdog competitors plot to turn the tide of the game. At the "Tunnel Time" challenge, teams are unexpectedly torn apart. The threat of elimination brings a pair of players with a complicated past together and reignites a storied rivalry.

What In The World?

S1 E8
Apr 19, 2023
The competitors must deal with an unexpected turn of events that completely changes the course of the game. The competitors bet on a win at the "Ripcord Roulette" trivia challenge. A damaged alliance struggles to maintain power.

Transform The World

S1 E9
Apr 26, 2023
The competitors battle it out in the most explosive challenge of the season. A dangerous alliance sets its target on the rest of the house, but is everyone really onboard? Friends become enemies as teams struggle to maintain their safety in the game.

Cruel World

S1 E10
May 3, 2023
A power-hungry team sets its sights on removing one of the game's strongest competitors. Two dominant players desperate for power battle it out in the "Points Break" challenge. A shocking challenge result creates major discord between partners.

Weight Of The World

S1 E11
May 10, 2023
The deal-making gets dirty and teams find themselves making promises they can't keep as the Final approaches. A conflicted competitor must destroy a friendship in order to survive.

World Domination

S1 E12
May 17, 2023
The fight for $500,000 and the title of Challenge World Champion is on as teams push themselves to their limits across the South African countryside in their most brutal test yet. Who will be crowned Champion of Champions?