Season 1

Episode Guide

Legends Never Die

S1 E1
Mar 31, 2021
Twenty-two Challenge All Stars return for a second chance at the ultimate competition and a $500,000 grand prize. Right out the gate, the competition gets real with an intense underwater challenge. An honest player struggles with the game's politics.

All That You Can't Leave Behind

S1 E2
Apr 07, 2021
Reunited in the house, two best friends clash, reopening decades-old wounds that threaten their relationship. One player's nervous mistake could cost them the game during a high-flying trivia challenge.

I've Got the Power

S1 E3
Apr 14, 2021
An infamous ice cold throwback challenge leaves some players in a compromising position. Years-old tensions between two all-stars boil over in an explosive argument, while two new allies mix business with pleasure.

Semi-Charmed Lifesaver

S1 E4
Apr 21, 2021
The All Stars brace for impact as someone in power threatens to use the Lifesaver. A parent is torn between being away from their family and their shot at becoming a champion. An introverted player delivers a blistering message.

Nuthin' but an OG Thang

S1 E5
Apr 28, 2021
A grueling challenge leaves one All Star blaming another for their poor performance. An unexpected new romance blooms in the house. TJ blindsides everyone with a massive twist in the game.

Free Fallin'

S1 E6
May 05, 2021
The All Stars confront their worst fears in a terrifying new challenge high above the water. A pair of adversaries are thrust into a new partnership and must put their bad blood aside to stay in the game. TJ's twist sends players scrambling as they try to avoid the Arena.

What About Your Friends?

S1 E7
May 12, 2021
On a dusty highway, the All Stars tackle their most intense challenge yet. A decades-old friendship is shattered when a veteran player makes a game move. Four All Stars battle it out in the final elimination of the season.

Mo Money Mo Problems

S1 E8
May 19, 2021
The All Stars begin day one of TJ's grueling Final. They'll not only be pushed to their physical and mental limits, but also must rely on the relationships they've built in order to succeed. Two players face elimination at the end of the first stage.

You're the Best Around

S1 E9
May 26, 2021
As the Final continues, the All Stars race to the finish line. Only one player will prove to be the best of the best and take home $500,000.

Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

S1 E10
Jun 03, 2021
Everyone's favorite Challengers are back like they never left. The grizzled All-Stars exceeded everyone's expectations and summited the Challenge mountaintop. Now they're reuniting to break down the intensity of today's challenges and battling hangovers after 40. Plus, they'll dish on their favorite behind-the-scenes moments and address every burning question the Challenge superfans need answered.