Season 2

Episode Guide

Paddington's Plant Problem/Paddington the Artist

S2 E1
Feb 19, 2021
Mr. Curry gives Paddington the job of watering one plant for him. Mrs. Brown wants Windsor Gardens to artistically express themselves and exhibit a piece of art at her show.

Paddington's Squirrel Surprise/Paddington Becomes a Secret Agent

S2 E2
Mar 5, 2021
Paddington accidentally destroys a squirrel's winter nut store, so he invites the wild animal to live indoors. Judy gets a Toy Spy Kit, and Mrs. Bird starts acting suspiciously.

Paddington Clowns Around/Paddington and the Bad Swap

S2 E3
Mar 19, 2021
Paddington throws a birthday party for Mateo, but things don't go to plan, Will Mrs. Brown's clown act save the day? Paddington accidentally gives away Jonathan's rare Tiny Robot card in a game of Imaginarium.

Paddington Celebrates Mrs. Bird's Day/Paddington the Table Tennis Champ!

S2 E4
Apr 5, 2021
It's Mrs. Bird Day! Paddington wants to make a cake with a special jar of marmalade, but no one can open it. How will he show his appreciation? Paddington and Mateo form a table tennis team. They beat the table hogs, so everyone can play!

Paddington Gets Fit/Paddington's Rocking Chair Repair

S2 E5
May 28, 2021
It's time for the annual fun run in Windsor Gardens Park, however Paddington is not very fit. Mrs. Bird decides to train him! Jonathan, Judy, and Paddington accidentally break Mrs. Bird's much-loved rocking chair!

Paddington and the Big Decision/Paddington's Beach Stowaway

S2 E6
Jun 11, 2021
On the last day of the school holidays, Jonathan and Judy can't agree on what to do, so Paddington has the casting vote. The Browns come back from a beach trip with more than sand in their hair - why is that shell moving on its own?

Paddington and the Caterpillar/Paddington Plays the Floor is Lava

S2 E7
Jun 25, 2021
Paddington has a new caterpillar friend, and he and Judy learn that not all changes are bad! The Browns take part in a very competitive game of The Floor is Lava. Who will win, and will they make a good impression on an important visitor?

Paddington and the Vegetable Thief/Paddington Takes to the Ice

S2 E8
Jul 9, 2021
Who's trying to steal Mr. Curry's prized Giant Pumpkin? PC Wells and Paddington are on the case. There's an ice rink in the Park! Mr. Gruber teaches Paddington how to skate for the ice disco, but will he brave the ice himself again after a past fall?

Paddington's Space Adventure/Paddington's Blackberry Adventure

S2 E9
Aug 20, 2021
Join Paddington as he takes off and becomes the world's first Bearonaut, thanks to the Brown family! Jonathan, Judy, and Paddington pick all the blackberries in the garden, but Mr. Curry seems to think some are his. Should they give them back?

Paddington Opens the City Farm/Paddington the Upcycler

S2 E10
Sep 3, 2021
Paddington's excited about the grand opening of the city farm, but the animals escape when the gate is left open - will they find them in time? Baaz teaches Jonathan & Paddington about upcycling but can the pair create something to earn a reward.

Paddington's Lucky Day/Paddington the Pizza Chef

S2 E11
Sep 17, 2021
Paddington Jonathan & Judy are worried they've used up all of Lucky the dog's luck - how will they tell Sofia? Baaz's niece Simi is visiting & he wants to create the perfect pizza to surprise her with, but it's not easy with hungry animals around!

Paddington and the Tooth Fairy/Paddington Goes to Work

S2 E12
Oct 1, 2021
Judy loses a tooth, quite literally - Will it be found in time for bed and will the tooth fairy like marmalade? Paddington becomes a work bear and helps Mr. Brown in the home office, but learns computers can be tricky things.

Paddington's New Neighbors/Paddington Makes the News

S2 E13
Oct 15, 2021
The Browns have new neighbors and Toq is full of tales, like there's a goblin in the garden and her dad is an astronaut! They can't be true, can they? Paddington, Jonathan, and Judy decide to create a newspaper but they need a front page story!

Paddington Shares A Good Deed/Paddington Goes Green

S2 E14
Oct 29, 2021
Mr. Gruber does a good turn for Paddington and says he can thank him by passing it on to someone else, which is harder than it sounds! Paddington learns all about composting thanks to Mr. Mulch, but will he grow flowers in time for Aunt Lucy?

Paddington Saves the Bees/Paddington and the Heat Wave

S2 E15
Nov 12, 2021
Paddington learns about bees and decides to help them make honey by planting a flower garden, but someone thinks they're weeds! There's a heatwave in Windsor Gardens and Mateo has sold out of ice-creams, so he and Paddington create a new delicious flavor!

Paddington Visits the Doctor/Paddington and the Sleep Over

S2 E16
Nov 26, 2021
Paddington hurts his knee and goes to see Dr. Yasmin. When she steps out, he steps UP and is mistaken for a doctor. Can Mr. Brown's sleepover live up to Mrs. Brown's high standard when Simi and Toq come to stay for the night?

Paddington Gets Locked Out on Christmas Day/Paddington Feels the Music

S2 E17
Dec 3, 2021
It's Christmas day and the Browns get locked out. Will they get in in time for dinner and still have a merry Christmas? It's the Windsor Gardens Parade, and Paddington has to lead it when Ms. Potts gets injured. Can Simi help him find the beat?

Paddington and the Egg Hunt/Paddington Sells Bessie

S2 E18
Dec 17, 2021
Can Sofia make Windsor Gardens' biggest ever omelette? Only if Paddington can replace some cracked eggs in time. The Browns are fed up with Bessie the campervan breaking down, so Paddington sells her but soon regrets being so helpful.

Paddington's Nature Club/Paddington's Not Himself

S2 E19
Dec 31, 2022
Mr. Curry wants to become a ranger leader and creates nature club to impress Ms. Potts, but are his facts correct? Paddington has a fall and loses his climbing confidence - without climbing he doesn't feel like himself at all - what can he do?

Paddington's Treasure Hunt/Paddington's Taste of Italy

S2 E20
Jan 7, 2022
Jonathan and Paddington find a treasure map in a bottle on the lake! Judy and Toq also find a treasure map, but who will find the treasure first? Mr. Gruber has always wanted to go to Italy, and Paddington sets about helping his friend achieve his dream!

Paddington's Radio Show/Paddington's Butler

S2 E21
Jan 21, 2022
Mr. Curry's and Paddington's favorite radio show is cancelled. How will they ever know the ending now? Mr. Curry ends up being Paddington's butler for the day, but he's better giving orders than taking them.

Paddington becomes a Talent Show Judge/Paddington Keeps Up with The Kamalis

S2 E22
Feb 11, 2022
It's the Windsor Gardens Pet show. Paddington is the judge, but they're all so talented. How can he choose? Paddington, Judy, and Jonathan learn that playing with your neighbors is more fun than trying to outdo them, even if Toq keeps copying their ideas!

Paddington's Pet Hotel/Paddington Plays Golf

S2 E23
Feb 25, 2022
Paddington opens Windsor Gardens' first ever pet hotel when he has Lucky to stay over. Baaz has set up a mini golf course at the park, but is it really unbeatable like he says?

Paddington Loves Windsor Gardens/Paddington Helps a Hedgehog

S2 E24
Mar 15, 2022
Paddington and the kids overhear Mr. Brown talking about selling the house! Will they really have to leave Windsor Gardens? The kids are playing in the garden and make a prickly discovery. Something is not right, so Paddington asks Baaz to help.

Paddington's Birthday Treat

S2 E25
Mar 22, 2022
The Browns take Paddington to London as a special treat for his birthday, but they lose him on the way! Paddington ends up in the Tower of London and has a close encounter with the Crown Jewels, a Beefeater, and a Royal couple!

Paddington's Hatching Surprise/Paddington the Best Bear

S2 E26
Apr 5, 2022
Paddington helps to hatch an egg, but it takes ages and when it finally cracks open, he gets a real surprise! Paddington wishes he could have been at Mr. and Mrs. Brown's wedding after seeing some photos, so they decide to do it all again!

Paddington and the Halloween Mystery/Paddington's Campfire Stories

S2 E27
Oct 15, 2022
It's Halloween, and there are strange goings on in Windsor Gardens - will Paddington solve the mystery? Whose story will earn them a campfire storytelling badge, and will any of them be too scary!