Season 2

Episode Guide

Get an Uber or Hulk Smash

S2 E1
Oct 25, 2022
Girls' Night In is back! Jade & Chau crack jokes while Catelynn & Tyler find out they are having a girl. Deb & Barb worry Mackenzie's snack intervention won't help her father. Bar & Ashley commend Maci & Taylor for calling out Bentley's grandparents.

Good Vibes Only

S2 E2
Nov 1, 2022
It's another Girls' Night In and all the moms are startled to learn that Tyler is going to try ketamine treatment. Leah & her friends empathize with Amber who breaks down during therapy.

Pregnant in the Mouth

S2 E3
Nov 8, 2022
The moms get comfy as they start another Girls Night In! Jade, Briana, Brittany & special guest Jenelle are impressed with Mackenzie's business moves. The Young & Pregnant moms reflect on their own sexuality after Amber comes out as bisexual.

Clean the Garage

S2 E4
Nov 15, 2022
Amber joins Jade & Chau to explain some behind the scenes conversations. Deb & Barb are shocked that Cate is considering having Nova in the delivery room. Ashley & Bar joke that Maci & Taylor need to rekindle their romance instead of cleaning the garage.

Botox Soon

S2 E5
Nov 22, 2022
Ashley, Tea & Chris struggle to relate when Maci opens up to Bentley about her PTSD. The Y&P moms question Mackenzie's parenting & her parenting coordinator. Jade, Chau, & special guest Amber discuss Amber's anxiety surrounding her grades.

Be Like Zach

S2 E6
Nov 29, 2022
Everyone is excited that Catelynn & Tyler will visit Carly. Leah talks about wanting a baby as she watches Cheyenne prepare to be induced for baby Ace. And for the first time in years, Amber reunites with Leah.

Worth the Goodbyes

S2 E7
Dec 6, 2022
Briana & Brittany suspect more than diabetes is to blame when Mackenzie lashes out. Sean, Jade & Chau commend Gary for seeing a parenting coach. Ashley & Bar watch Cheyenne go into labor. The Y&P moms discuss Taylor's decision to get therapy.

Funky and Skunky

S2 E8
Dec 13, 2022
Leah tears up as Cheyenne gives birth to her son. Briana swoons over Tyler's romantic plans for Catelynn's babymoon. Barb & Deb take Taylor's side when he argues with Maci over childcare. Jade & Chau are excited to see Mackenzie's Dad.

Smells Like Nervousness

S2 E9
Dec 20, 2022
Leah, Jaylan & Corey are glad to see Gary join Amber for her therapy session. The Y& P moms are shocked by Maci & Taylor's relationship talk. Briana & Brittany question Mackenzie's parenting. Ashley & Bar are concerned & happy when Catelynn gives birth.

Fight! Fight! Fight!

S2 E10
Dec 27, 2022
Briana, Roxanne & Brittany are conflicted about Gary not telling Amber that Leah's seeing a therapist. Leah relates to Maci that she puts too much pressure on herself. Jade, Chau & Christy doubt social media is responsible for Makenzie's issues.