Season 2

Episode Guide

Grandmother of All Reunions

S2 E1
Jan 3, 2023
The Teen Moms and their Mom's all unite for the first time ever, for some Teen Grandmamma Drama! Tension builds between Briana and Roxanne, and Ashely and Tea due to a horrible social media feud, while Cate shocks everyone with surprise guests!


S2 E2
Jan 10, 2023
Ashley finds out some bad news about Bar and Cate and April discuss nerves about this experience. The group has an incredibly emotional activity between the grandma's and moms while tensions continue to rise between Briana/Roxanne and Ashley/Tea.

Double Mama Drama

S2 E3
Jan 17, 2023
The tension comes to a head as multiple fights and arguments break out over the course of the night. April is cut off from drinking, a pregnancy rumor spreads around the house, and things get out of control between team Ashley-Tea and team Briana-Roxanne.

Floating Down the River

S2 E4
Jan 24, 2023
After the big fight last night, the ladies try to get the reunion back on track before receiving some unexpected news...

High Altitude, Bigger Attitude

S2 E5
Jan 31, 2023
After the group falls short of five members, the Moms and Grandmas work together to keep this reunion on a high note, literally!

Gettin Wiggy With It

S2 E6
Feb 7, 2023
With the resort officially becoming Club Covid, the remaining moms hit some rapids before attending a surprise engagement party for Jade.

Lost in the Woods

S2 E7
Feb 14, 2023
With Zach and Sean added to the mix plus Amber's big return to the reunion, the group gets into some ATVs and therapy!

We Are Family

S2 E8
Feb 14, 2023
As the reunion comes to an end, Cate and Tyler return just in time to plan one last hoorah to conclude this memorable trip.

The Aftermath Part 1

S2 E9
Feb 21, 2023
The moms and grandmas reunite to discuss Season 2 and the "big" fight. Ryan Edwards and Maci sit down together for the first time in years, Briana and Roxanne threaten to walk out, Christy and Jade explore deep wounds from the past.

The Aftermath Part 2

S2 E10
Feb 21, 2023
Maci and Ryan look forward to the future with the help of Coach B, Ashley and Tea tell us their side of the story, Cheyenne and Zach discuss their relationship, while Kayla and Luke threaten to air out each other's dirty laundry. A cast member falls ill.