Season 3

Episode Guide

Crabapple Jam Part One / Crabapple Jam Part Two

S3 E1
Aug 12, 2023
Strawberry Shortcake meets the new owner of the Berryworks, Crabapple Jam, who brings some alarming changes. The berries soon discover they can no longer make any of their specialty dishes! / Strawberry Shortcake and her friends stand up to Crabapple Jam to return the Berryworks back to its former glory. Finding a loophole in the new rulebook, the berries concoct a plan.

Strawberry and the Gigantic Cake / Sky High Pie

S3 E2
Aug 13, 2023
Strawberry Shortcake and Raspberry Tart race across Big Apple City to deliver a 15-layer cake in time for Banoffee’s birthday party. In their frantic dash, they risk turning their cake into a mess! / Cherry and Cheese turn friends back to foes, when they start a rumor to stir up trouble between Strawberry and Raspberry. As Strawberry and Raspberry believe the rumurs, a rift between them grows.

Hot, Fresh & Trending / Any Way You Slice It

S3 E3
Aug 19, 2023
Faced with hip new competition, Bread Pudding updates the Berryworks to keep up with the latest trends. Unfortunately, he turns the Berryworks into a chaotic mess. / Lime is torn when both of her dads invite her to different events on the same night. She is divided between her love for fashion that she shares with Fluffy Chiffon, and her love for science that she shares with Dr. Lime Pop.

The Spec-taco-lar Pets / Custard's Big Adventure

S3 E4
Sep 10, 2023
Thinking that pets only make messes, Crabapple Jam bans all pets from the Berryworks. Custard, Cheesecake, Parfait and Pupcake work together to show what they bring to the table. / Strawberry is frantic when she gets a large baking order from Crabapple. Though Cherry Streusel and Cheese Strudel want Strawberry to fail, Strawberry knows she can rely on Custard to make the impossible possible.

A Splash of Fun / Relaxing by the Pool

S3 E5
Aug 26, 2023
Strawberry and her friends try to cool off on a hot day, only to find themselves rejected from the pool. The pool is members-only and Strawberry finds it unused – she is determined to make the pool open to everyone wanting a swim. / It’s a not so relaxing day by the pool when the berries have different ideas on what it means to relax. Noberry can agree on how to relax together!

Glamping vs Camping / Turn Things Around

S3 E6
Oct 7, 2023
It's campers versus glampers as Strawberry's berry friends compete to see which is the better way to camp. Her friends are determined to prove each other wrong, which leaves Strawberry caught in the middle. / Huck and Bread make a thoughtful but unappetizing Stone Soup, Strawberry and the gang come to the rescue to save their meal.

Lord of the S'mores / Donuts and Drawbridges

S3 E7
Oct 15, 2023
With one marshmallow left in the campsite, berry turns against berry in a war to make the perfect last s'more. Strawberry must face a difficult decision to save her friends. / In a game of Donuts and Drawbridges, Huck, Bread, and Plum set off to return golden sprinkles to Strawberry. Together, they journey to the magical kingdom of Bloomingberries in hopes of completing their first real quest.

The House on Scary Berry Lane / Tricks and Treats

S3 E8
Sep 9, 2023
Strawberry, Blueberry and Raspberry make a delivery at a house that’s rumored to be haunted, landing themselves in a spooky situation. / It’s Frightfall and Strawberry and her friends are in for more tricks than treats, thanks to Cherry and Cheese. Hoping to turn the tables on the mischievous twins, Strawberry and her friends concoct a special trick of their own.

Strawberry's Shortcake / The Swirliverse Strikes Back

S3 E9
Aug 27, 2023
Crabapple Jam asks Strawberry to make a strawberry shortcake, a task so overwhelming that Strawberry runs away. But Strawberry faces her fears and give it her best shot. / Strawberry needs help making strawberry shortcake, so she dives into her swirliverse, only to discover everything covered in mold!

No Pizza for Strawberry / The Great Roller Rink Rivalry

S3 E10
Aug 14, 2023
Strawberry Shortcake bumps heads with a hot-tempered pizza vendor, Spicy Crust, when she asks for a not-so-spicy pizza. When Strawberry argues that pizza should be for everyone, she discovers there’s more to Spicy Crust than his spicy attitude. / A roller-skating rivalry between Strawberry and Orange heats up on the roller rink when Orange’s competitiveness put their friendship at stake.

Go with the Flow / The Big Apple City All-Skate Competion

S3 E11
Sep 17, 2023
Despite their hard work, Strawberry, and Orange struggle to perfectly land their roller-skating routine, until Blueberry helps and shows them the perks of going with the flow. / The day of the Big Apple City All Skate Competition is here! It’s the moment Strawberry, Blueberry and Orange have been training for. Ready to show off their hard work and win the competition!

Berry Bounty Bust / Strawberry's Perfect Present

S3 E12
Sep 24, 2023
Strawberry and Lime get caught in Aunt Praline and Fluffy Chiffon’s dispute over different Berry Bounty Banquet traditions. Strawberry, Lime, and Dr. Lime Pops hurry to ease tensions. / It’s Winter Swirl and Strawberry is excited for their Secret-Swirl Gift Exchange. But, when she pulls Cherry and Cheese’s names out, Strawberry’s at a lost of what to get them.

A Holiday Your Way / Kiki KeyLime's Favorite Things

S3 E13
Sep 25, 2023
When Honeydew’s snowman is made fun of by other berries, Strawberry steps in to show them wrong. As they explore the many ways to make snowmen, they see how differences make each one special. / Tricked by Crabapple Jam, Strawberry loses a spot in a special Kiki KeyLime event. Given the chance to get back at Crabapple, Strawberry questions if she needs to stoop to her level to make it as a baker.

Crushin' the Cosplay / Following the Recipe

S3 E14
Oct 1, 2023
A comic book convention arrives in Big Apple City, Orange wants Strawberry to be the Guava Girl to her Tangerine Smash in a Cosplay Competition. Worried she’ll disappoint Orange, Strawberry enlists the help of Sour Grapes. / More of a go-with-her-gut kind of berry, Blueberry struggles when Genoise Lacreme asks her to make spumoni ice cream exactly to her Bisnonna’s recipe.

Strawberry's Friendship Party / Slumber Party at Lemon's

S3 E15
Aug 27, 2023
All of the Berry Besties are too busy with work to hang out, so Strawberry throws a Friendship Party hoping to bring all her friends back together before they can grow apart. / Lemon’s plans for an epic slumber party go off the rails, when her new invention causes a city-wide blackout.

The Battle of Blueberry's Slumber Party / Orange's Slumber Party

S3 E16
Aug 28, 2023
Blueberry’s mom accidentally double books her slumber party with her brother’s, and Blueberry’s trust in the universe is put to the test as the night gets taken over by his antics. / A scary movie spooks the berry besties at Orange’s slumber party. While at first brushing off just how spooked they are, they find strength in admitting their fears.

Night of the Sweet Tooth Fairy / The Berryville Trail

S3 E17
Oct 9, 2023
When Lime loses a tooth at her slumber party, the berry friends are surprised to discover Blueberry’s fear of the Sweet Tooth Fairy. Proving there’s nothing to be afraid of, Lime, Strawberry, Orange, and Lemon promise to stay up all night! / It’s game night at Strawberry’s, and Raspberry Tart is less than thrilled when Strawberry unveils her complicated game, “The Berryville Trail.”

Jam Session / Aunt Praline's Sweetie Pie

S3 E18
Oct 2, 2023
An unexpected delay causes Strawberry and her friends get stuck on the Funnel Cake Train. With delay after delay, and everyone’s plans for the day ruined! / When Aunt Praline is nervous for her Sweetie Pie Date, Strawberry and her berry friends help her gain back her confidence with a practice date.

Confectionary Decree Number 33 / The Berry Best Baker Competition

S3 E19
Oct 22, 2023
Crabapple Jam has left Cherry and Cheese in charge to ensure the berries follow her new rules exactly. But with one ridiculous rule after the other, Raspberry Tart puts her foot down. / Crabapple Jam surprises Strawberry Shortcake and Raspberry Tart with a series of baking challenges to find out which of the berries is the better baker.

Bake The World A Better Place Part One / Bake The World A Better Place Part Two

S3 E20
Oct 23, 2023
Crabapple Jam makes an announcement that threatens life at the Berryworks forever. Crabapple promises Strawberry a bright future as a baker…but at the cost of leaving her berry friends behind. / Strawberry and her friends find themselves fired from the Berryworks as Crabapple Jam transforms it into her very own Crabappleworks. But, despite their not-so-flantastic circumstances, all is not lost.