First Four Episode Titles Of Star Trek: Discovery Revealed

…And they are as fascinating as they are mysterious.
Posted on Sep 18, 2017 | 03:30am
With the series premiere of Star Trek: Discovery less than a week away, fans have eagerly waited for more clues to the CBS All Access original series.

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Now, the titles for the first four episodes have been unveiled—and each offers a hint at what's to come in the next chapter of the Star Trek universe! Learn the new titles below:

Episode 1: "The Vulcan Hello"
Episode 2: "Battle at the Binary Stars"
Episode 3: "Context is for Kings"
Episode 4: "The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry"
Theories abound as to what they mean or refer to, but the first two will become clear when Episodes 1 and 2 debut Sunday, Sept. 24!

Set 10 years before Captain Kirk's five-year mission, Star Trek: Discovery follows the voyages of Starfleet on their missions to discover new worlds and new life forms, and one Starfleet officer who must learn that to truly understand all things alien, you must first understand yourself.

The series features new ships and new characters while embracing the same ideology and hope for the future that inspired a generation of dreamers and doers.

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