Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Miracle on Ice Flag

S1 E1
Apr 25, 2016
What happened to the flag that signified one of the greatest moments in American sports history?

Dale's Car, Secretariat's Saddle

S1 E3
May 9, 2016
Missing relics of a Triple Crown winner and a NASCAR hero send the Sports Detectives on two memorable missions.

Gehrig's Bat, Gibson's Ball

S1 E4
May 23, 2016
Gibson's famous World Series home run ball and a rare Gehrig game-used bat send the detectives on a cross-country chase.

100-Point Game Ball

S1 E5
May 30, 2016
Will the Sports Detectives find the most famous basketball in NBA history and solve the mystery of a questionable Kentucky Derby trophy?

Ali's Missing Gold Medal

S1 E6
Jun 6, 2016
What happened to Muhammad Ali's 1960 Olympic gold medal? The truth may lie at the bottom of the Ohio River.