Season 4

Episode Guide

We're Back - and We're Pregnant!

S4 E1
Nov 5, 2014
In the final season opener, Snooki and JWoww (both pregnant) become neighbors for the summer. Roger and Jionni become closer than they ever imagined when they accidentally attend a birthing class together.

That's Not Very Namaste of You

S4 E2
Nov 12, 2014
The girls try to relax with pre-natal yoga while Jionni is tormented by Lorenzo's "terrible twos". Snooki throws JWoww a surprise baby shower and serves up some disturbing cakes.

And Baby Makes Six

S4 E3
Nov 19, 2014
Snooki helps JWoww prep for her daughter's arrival while Jionni warns Roger about the delivery. A worried JWoww goes into labor and quickly changes her tune on getting an epidural.

Welcome Home, Meilani!

S4 E4
Nov 26, 2014
JWoww and Roger get used to life as new parents. Snooki and Jionni plan an elaborate welcome home party for Meilani complete with a mariachi band.

Got Gatsby?

S4 E5
Dec 3, 2014
Exhaustion takes its toll on new parents JWoww and Roger. Snooki turns into a bridezilla while planning her Gatsby-themed bridal shower.

I Feel Like a Pregnant Virgin

S4 E6
Dec 10, 2014
Snooki shows off her wedding gown to JWoww. Jionni's parents visit town while new parenthood starts to cause problems for JWoww and Roger.

Little Hos on the Prairie

S4 E7
Dec 17, 2014
JWoww and Roger try to work through their problems as new parents. Snooki and Jionni have a garden war. JWoww throws Snooki a high tea bridal luncheon with the Joeys.

Summer's Over...Back to the Basement

S4 E8
Jan 7, 2015
JWoww gets a mommy makeover and takes her family camping. Snooki and Jionni start decorating their house but can't move in until the house is finished.

It's Like a Rollercoaster of Pain

S4 E9
Jan 14, 2015
Snooki and Jionni are desperate to move into their new house before their daughter is born. JWoww and Janis throw Snooki a surprise sprinkle party right before Snooki goes into labor.

Welcome Home, Giovanna

S4 E10
Jan 21, 2015
Snooki gives birth to Giovanna. JWoww and Snooki pamper the boys with a daddy appreciation day. Snooki and Jionni finally move into their new home.

It's My Bachelorette Party...I'm Single and Ready to Mingle!

S4 E11
Jan 28, 2015
Things get crazy in the penultimate episode when Snooki and Jionni head down to Miami for their bachelor and bachelorette parties. It's the last hurrahs for the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Lavalle!

I Do. Now What?

S4 E12
Feb 4, 2015
In the series finale, JWoww and Roger have a christening for Meilani. It's the big day for Snooki as she walks down the aisle and marries Jionni.