Season 4

Episode Guide

Cast of Jersey Shore

S4 E1
Mar 26, 2011
The cast of Jersey Shore must complete a series of unusual and painful challenges to win enough money to fund their G.T.L lifestyles.


S4 E2
Mar 29, 2011
3OH!3 learns what being real musicians is all about as they band together to complete a series of tasks that will test their vocal ranges.

WWE Superstars

S4 E3
Mar 28, 2011
A group of WWE superstars are in for a smackdown of a challenge as they attempt to complete the series of obstacles to win the championship belt.

The Ready Set

S4 E4
Mar 30, 2011
It's ready, set...woe, as the band The Ready Set attempts to complete painfully gross tasks and walk away with the cash.

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots

S4 E5
Mar 26, 2011
There'll be no talking their way out of this challenge as late night stars Jimmy Fallon and The Roots face the library.

Licked Pole

S4 E6
Apr 4, 2011
Friends Anthony, Llowel, Richard, Bobby, Ronel and Ricardo must quietly endure an exploding turkey, a hot sauce covered pole and other painful events to win the cash.

Erupt In Rear

S4 E7
Apr 5, 2011
A ball to the nether regions, a cracking eruption, and an unexpected visitor await friends Anthony, Louis, Perry, Mike, Jason and Eric if they want to conquer the library.

Nipple Robot

S4 E8
Apr 6, 2011
The Jungle Boogie Dance Crew are in for a crippling experience as they encounter a nipple robot, a foot in mouth moment, and an "udderly" gross situation.

Judah Friedlander ("30 Rock")

S4 E9
Apr 7, 2011
Travis, Phil, Ian, Anthony, Jimmy and Matt put their friendship to the test as they face a tired belly, a trashy drink, and a ping pong game with "30 Rock" actor Judah Friedlander.

Snack Snap

S4 E10
Apr 11, 2011
Marco, Pat, John, Erick, Mike and Justin mix it up with some carnival food, get stuck into a few snacks, and eat some less than appetizing finger food.

Foot Face Way

S4 E11
Apr 12, 2011
A foot in the face, some uncomfortable Crocs, and a task that turns the mouth to jelly are just some of the challenges Katherine, Katie, Melissa, Caitlyn, Juliana and Kristin face.

Junk In Rear

S4 E12
Apr 13, 2011
New Yorkers Matt, Nick, Vinny, Jay, Dell and Michael must quietly deal with some junk in the trunk, an unfortunate hit below the belt, and a dental check to win the cash.

Ike Davis (NY Mets)

S4 E13
Apr 14, 2011
A group of Pennsylvania locals must face the might of New York Mets star Ike Davis, endure some exotic delicacies, and make a painful withdrawal to win the cash.

Snack Rack

S4 E14
Apr 20, 2011
A hairy tooth brushing, an unfortunate biking injury, and a high drop with a sudden stop are just some of the challenges that Anthony, Dan, Andre, Nick, Colin and Ian must overcome to win the prize.

Team of Lingerie Football Players

S4 E15
Apr 18, 2011
Team members from the Lingerie Football League's Philadelphia Passion tackle unappetizing food, have a brush with a beard, and stare down the barrel of a gun.

Bulls Hit

S4 E16
Apr 21, 2011
New York locals P, Quez, Lennon, Justin, Peter and Nelz have a painful encounter with a waitress, face a nutty situation, and take the bull by the horns to try and take home the prize.

Lapped Santa

S4 E17
Apr 25, 2011
Straight from Ridgefield, New Jersey, a group of friends must undertake some fishy business, have a smashing encounter with a nutcracker, and a not so nice meeting with Santa.

Monkey Missile

S4 E18
Apr 26, 2011
Dean, David, Hao, Mike, Anthony and Lee have to deal with some monkey business, take a long and unrelaxing soak, and become intoxicated hamsters to take the cash.

Beard Flakes

S4 E19
Apr 27, 2011
Some flakey facial hair, breath that will awaken the dead, and a unique shoe shining await friends Tommy, Yohancey, Alex, Ali, Brendan and Peter in their attempt to win the money.

Crotch Doctor

S4 E20
Apr 28, 2011
New Yorkers Jason, Anthony, Marc, Corey, Travis and Joe must make a visit to the downstairs doctor's office, face the wrath of a beard, and consume some fired pancakes.

Cheesy Glue

S4 E21
May 2, 2011
Say "cheese" as friends Louie, Mike, Dennis, Deion, Corey and Ivan encounter a sticky situation, get a kick out of soccer, and are slapped with a fishy situation.

Strike Balls

S4 E22
May 3, 2011
A group of friends from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, must become the kingpins of a bowling game, sample some facial hair, and partake in a nippy race to take home the cash.

Drunk Cup

S4 E23
May 4, 2011
Friends from Yonkers, New York, attempt to conquer a drink from an interesting cup, receive a fishy kiss, and take a seat on some uncomfortable barstools.

Groin Factory

S4 E24
May 5, 2011
A group of friends must endure a factory that produces crushing goods, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a twist, and a backed-up toilet if they want to win the prize.

Old Man Bites Tenderly

S4 E25
May 6, 2011
A group of New Jersey locals must receive a gummy nibble, take on a massive sandwich, and endure a painful encounter with a sled dog team if they want to win the cash.

Historic Chest

S4 E26
May 9, 2011
A painful inscription, a knock from some funny bones, and a spotty dog pose a challenge Mike, Vinny, Chris, James, Lenny, and Z must overcome.

Lip Hair Lick

S4 E27
May 10, 2011
Yola, Katy, Ashley, Nia, Gwen and Tiffeny face a hairy situation, listen to some fishy music, and spin the wheel in an attempt to sniff out the cash prize.

Jelly Buff

S4 E28
May 11, 2011
A group of friends from Pennsylvania are tasked with some food that'll make you say ""woof,"" fire upon a battleship, and face a challenge that gives them jelly legs.

Rear Squeeze

S4 E29
May 12, 2011
Peter, Mike, Justin, Greg, Mark and JC have their hands full when they tackle a sticky situation, face a punchy visitor and fling pizzas.

Deviled Snow

S4 E30
May 13, 2011
A New Jersey team knows the keys to winning, as they consume the Devil's forbidden food, and take on a sandwich that'll make a belly grumble.