Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide


S1 E1
Oct 31, 2014
Sunny advises a couple with a novel idea. Plus, clown sex. Series premiere.


S1 E2
Nov 7, 2014
Sunny finds out what makes up female ejaculate. Plus, 'dollification.'

#Pushing Boundaries

S1 E3
Nov 14, 2014
Sunny introduces us to a transgender woman. Plus, the breast test!


S1 E4
Nov 21, 2014
Sunny explains the acronym BDSM. Plus, everyday objects used in kinky ways.

#The More the Merrier

S1 E5
Nov 28, 2014
Sunny conducts a sexy calorie burning experiment. Plus, online orgies.


S1 E6
Dec 5, 2014
A couple demonstrates to Sunny how race can be taboo. Plus, golden showers.

#Role Play

S1 E7
Dec 12, 2014
Are women aroused by porn? Sunny finds out. Plus, the art of rope bondage.


S1 E8
Dec 19, 2014
Dogging. Sex toys. Plus, is sperm a good facial treatment? Season finale.