Why The World Would Be Better If Everyone Were Like Paige: What Would Paige Do?

Posted on Oct 3, 2014 | 03:20pm

1. Paige has been through her fair share of hardships—from a rough split with her ex-boyfriend to struggling to connect with her son—but she hasn’t let them bring her down. In fact, she’s stronger because of it!

2. She’s a great mother who would do anything for her son.

3. Paige stands up for herself and refuses to let anyone walk all over her.

4. Paige is patient and makes a genuine effort to understand and help others.

5. She doesn’t give up on the ones she cares about, even if they try to push her away.

6. She manages to keep stay calm even in the most stressful situations. Seriously, who keeps their cool while racing an airplane in a speeding Ferrari?!

7. She’s got a way of connecting with people that makes them feel understood and appreciated.

8. She isn’t nosy and knows when it’s best to respect other people’s privacy — that’s totally refreshing in a world run by social media...or on a team where world-class hackers can access anything!

9. Even though she’s not a genius, she consistently proves she’s smart and brave, making her a total asset to the team. Girl can drive!

Bonus: She’s a total babe—even when a deadly virus is released and sprinklers go off. We’re totally jealous.

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