Walter O'Brien's AMA Chat: 5 Things We Learned

Posted on Sep 24, 2014 | 02:40pm
The real Walter O'Brien had hundreds of fan questions to choose from on Reddit Monday as he set out to answer as many as time allowed during an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. Check out some of the inside info you might not be able to hear anywhere else.

1. Walter has a good sense of humor about the entertainment value of the show.
Q. How much of your time these days do you spend hacking and how much do you spend driving recklessly on airport runways in expensive sports cars?
A. "About 50/50"

2. How he got his hacker name "Scorpion."
"It was chosen for me in high school as I was a very docile person until pushed too far and I am very loyal to my circle of friends (a group of scorpions is called a cyclone). So I had the nature of a Scorpion."

3. Where Paige's character comes from.
"They are called supernannies and we have many of them. They are high EQ and reasonable IQ so they babysit the geniuses and the customers."

4. The character Sylvester has some big shoes to fill.
Q. Who is the smartest person that you have met?
A. "The person who inspired Sylvester on the TV show. He'd like to remain private."

5. IQ isn't everything.
"IQ is not everything, I marvel at how people are better than me at many areas not IQ related - art, music, singing, dancing, cooking, gardening, designing. I'm only good at certain specific areas like coding, hacking and general problem solving. So we're all just different."

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