Season 2

Episode Guide

Budnick and Dina in Love - Part 1

S2 E1
Jul 11, 1992
Budnick falls in love with Dina who wants nothing to do with him. His first attempts to get a date with her fail miserably so he decides to try another approach.

Citizen Pinsky

S2 E2
Jul 25, 1992
Pinsky becomes editor-in-chief of the camp newspaper and increases readership with his muckraking articles. But he begins to confuse journalistic responsibility with power and popularity and learns an important lesson about the power of the press.

The Wrath of Kahn, Jr.

S2 E3
Aug 22, 1992
Dr. Kahn's rambunctious niece, Ellen, comes to visit camp and wreaks havoc with her high-energy pranks. Ug, who is placed in charge of her safety, earns a raise when he and the kids administer frontier justice to the pint-sized outlaw.

They Call Me Ms. Tibbs

S2 E4
Sep 5, 1992
Ug's girlfriend, now a forest ranger, comes to inspect Annawanna.

Annawana Inc.

S2 E5
Sep 12, 1992
The campers becomes junior tycoons when they start their own corporation.