Season 2

Episode Guide

Flushed but Never Forgotten/Lair Games

S2 E1
Oct 13, 2019
The Turtles have a secret that comes back to haunt them. April presents her award winning documentary about the Turtles' annual event: The Lair Olympics.

Many Unhappy Returns

S2 E2
Nov 23, 2019
The TMNT must stop a persistent foe from shredding NYC, but problems arise when they split up to handle things.

Todd Scouts/Goyles, Goyles, Goyles

S2 E3
Nov 30, 2019
The TMNT need to learn how to listen and get in touch with nature in order to save Todd after he's captured by a group of hunters. Huginn and Muninn recall their first day working for Baron Draxum.

Breaking Purple/Reparin' the Baron

S2 E4
Apr 24, 2020
Donnie's "parenting style" causes S.H.E.L.L.D.O.N. to run away from home. Mikey embarks on his craziest mission: trying to get Draxum to tolerate humans.

Air Turtle/Pizza Puffs

S2 E5
Apr 24, 2020
Leo lands his dream job as mascot of the local professional basketball team. Raph teaches his brothers a lesson in responsibility after they eat pizza puffs laced with a mystic toxin.

Sidekick Ahoy!/The Hidden City Job

S2 E6
May 15, 2020
Their favorite space hero movie star in need of a sidekick, the TMNT do all they can to win their dream job. Leo and Señor Hueso help the reformed Capitán Piel on one last dangerous mission.

Always Be Brownies/Mystery Meat

S2 E7
May 15, 2020
April and Splinter accidentally step to a gang of dangerous middle school brownie sellers. Baron Draxum's lunchroom concoction comes to life and terrorizes April's school.

Donnie vs. Witch Town/Raph's Ride-Along

S2 E8
Jun 19, 2020
Raph is mistaken for a heinous criminal in the Hidden City. Always a man of science, Donnie can't accept April going to witches for mystic help on a science project.

Hidden City's Most Wanted/Bad Hair Day

S2 E9
Jun 19, 2020
Splinter's magical day with Mikey is interrupted by a mysterious and tiny guest. Leo's efforts to get into an exclusive Hidden City spa threaten to unweave his day of relaxation.

Fists of Furry/The Clothes Don't Make The Turtle

S2 E10
Jul 17, 2020
April and the Turtles must help Splinter save his chain of dojos from being taken over by an evil rival. Hypno-Potamus traps the Turtles in a magical 80s movie montage.

Battle Nexus: New York

S2 E11
Jul 17, 2020
Big Mama turns New York City into her new Battle Nexus arena and the TMNT have to fight to save everyone they love.

Finale Part 1: E-Turtle Sunshine of the Spotless Mind/Finale Part 2: Shreddy or Not

S2 E12
Aug 7, 2020
When a powerful foe returns, the Turtles' only hope lies within the most dangerous place they've ever been: Splinter's mind. The Turtles meet Splinter's distant relative and discover a powerful new ally.

Finale Part 3: Anatawa Hitorijanai/Finale Part 4: Rise

S2 E13
Aug 7, 2020
In a bid to save New York and the Hidden City, the Turtles prepare for their greatest battle yet.