Quiz: Which RENO 911! Character Are You?

The RENO 911! department reunites in a brand-new special that’s now streaming on Paramount+. Which deputy are you?
Posted on Jan 11, 2022 | 08:45am
The RENO 911! crew is reporting for duty in a brand-new special you can stream right now on Paramount+!

On a mission to track down the one and only Q, the one behind all QAnon conspiracies, RENO 911! THE HUNT FOR QANON follows the deputies from the Reno Sheriff's Department as they get stuck at a QAnon convention at sea.

WATCH: RENO 911! THE HUNT FOR QANON Now on Paramount+!

This new special is just as raunchy, ridiculous and hilarious as the original Comedy Central series.

Before you watch, take the quiz below to see which RENO 911! deputy you would be. Are you the cat-loving Trudy Wiegel or the bicycle-riding Jim Dangle at your office? It’s time to find out.

And don’t forget to stream the first six seasons of RENO 911! and RENO 911! THE HUNT FOR QANON on Paramount+!