Season 2

Episode Guide

Lost Tribe of Scotland

S2 E1
Jun 3, 2020
See why a vicious Scottish tribe that fought off the Roman Empire and ruled for centuries simply disappeared from history.

Mystery of the White Horse

S2 E2
Jun 10, 2020
Watch Clive and Mary-Ann drink with pagans, spin on a horse's eye, and dig for the truth behind a 360-foot hill figure.

The Monster of Maeshowe

S2 E3
Jun 17, 2020
Investigate the mysterious burial chamber of Maeshowe and discover its robbers, curses, mad Vikings, and monsters.

Isle of Druids

S2 E4
Jun 24, 2020
Join Clive and Mary-Ann as they go hunting for druids in hopes of uncovering new truths about these enigmatic people.

Mystery of the Red Lady

S2 E5
Jul 1, 2020
Join Clive and Mary-Ann as they examine a mysterious set of red bones dating back to the dawn of Britain's human history.

The Quest for King Arthur

S2 E6
Jul 8, 2020
What part of King Arthur's tale is true and what's fiction? We take a deep dive into the legend to find out.

Legend of the Warrior Queen

S2 E7
Jul 15, 2020
Join the hunt for the warrior queen Boudica and the mystical powers that guided her revolt against the Roman Army.

Leeches, Plagues, and Potions

S2 E8
Jul 22, 2020
From leeches to pigeon butts, and from urine charts to head drillings, explore the dark art of Tudor medicine.

The Sand Bodies of Sutton Hoo

S2 E9
Jul 29, 2020
How did 39 "dissolved" bodies end up in Britain's most famous pagan site and what does killer cake have to do with it?

Gods and Monsters

S2 E10
Aug 5, 2020
Travel through time and across the U.K. as our hosts to put themselves in the supernatural shoes of their ancestors.