Season 3

Episode Guide

Teen Idol/Good Old Sheldon

S3 E1
Nov 08, 2008
A group of aliens who revere comets are in the middle of an annual service when they see a flaming Jenny descending from the sky and decide that she is their Exalted One. / A strange, old man comes up to Jenny claiming to be Sheldon. He says Jenny accidentally threw him into space with an alien race and he's been gone 75 years.

Weapons of Mass Distraction/There's No Place Like Home School

S3 E2
Oct 04, 2008
Jenny tries to stop a new villain while hiding her superpowers from a handsome new boy at school.Jenny is difficult in school, so Wakeman home schools her... and she's still difficult.

There's No Harmony with Melody/Tuckered Out

S3 E3
Oct 11, 2008
Brad discovers his new "girlfriend" Melody is a robot and Jenny thinks she's evil. Jenny is suspicious of the girl, especially when disasters keep happening wherever Melody goes. / Tuck does a school project about his hero, Jenny, and opts to make a movie about her.This being the first time he has ever been in charge of anything, the power quickly goes to his head.

A Spoonful of Mayhem/ Enclosure of Doom

S3 E4
Oct 18, 2008
When experimental food comes to life and terrorizes Tremorton, it's Jenny to the rescue as usual. But this time, the embarrassed lieutenant of Skyway Patrol has had enough of Jenny's vigilante tactics. He makes it his personal vendetta to take down XJ9. / Jenny finds herself trapped in a mysterious enclosure with her nemesis, Killgore, and they must work together to get out.

Girl of Steal/Mist Opportunities

S3 E5
Oct 25, 2008
Jenny steals a music player while in disguise as "Ruby Rocket," and an angry crowd forces Jenny to battle her alter-ego. / Jenny takes a break from superheroing when her friend Misty takes on that role in town. Jenny takes suchn advantage of the freedom of a regular teen, that she completely shirks her responsibilities. When Misty proves unreliable, the two butt heads.

Legion of Evil/The Price of Love

S3 E6
Nov 01, 2008
Five of Jenny's B-villains band together to stop Jenny. Five of Jenny's B-level villains band together to form the Legion of Evil. The Hammer Brothers, the Lancer, the Mudslinger, and Wakeman's lab rat Vladimir capture Jenny and set out to pull off a daring heist. Only by finding some teammates of her own can Jenny hope to defeat this dastardly group.

Stage Fright/Never Say Uncle

S3 E7
Feb 21, 2009
Jenny attacks ugly aliens who come to Earth to warn of an invasion by beautiful aliens. Wakeman's earthy sister comes to visit, bringing her leaf-and-mud son, Glen, but spends the whole trip arguing with her sister.

Infectious Personality/Trash Talk

S3 E8
Feb 21, 2009
Jenny becomes a carrier for alien microbes and her friends and family begin to morph into monsters. Jenny unknowingly brings back a virus from outer space that mutates the personalities, and then the bodies, of her friends and family.

Indes-Tuck-tible/Agent Double O Sheldon

S3 E9
Mar 06, 2009
When Tuck sees the future, he believes he is invulnerable. Sheldon is recruited by "The Agency" to become a secret agent and spy on Jenny.

The Puppet Bride/Histrionics

S3 E10
Mar 07, 2009
While most kids think their own problems are the end of the world, there's one girl whose problems really are the end of the world. My Neighbor is a Teenage Robot is the story of Jenny, a super-powered robot with a super-sensit

Ball and Chain/Labor Day

S3 E11
Apr 24, 2009
Looking for a serious beau for Tammy, Letta's biker comes to Earth for a shotgun wedding to Brad. When Jenny accidentally trashes Tremorton, the Skyway Patrol hands Wakeman the bill for the damages.

Queen Bee/Voyage to the Planet of the Bikers

S3 E12
Apr 25, 2009
Brit and Tiff help Vexus disguise herself as a teenager at Tremorton High, but Vexus gets carried away in her new kingdom. Letta's Biker Gang rearranges Jenny, turning her into a motorcycle.

Samurai Vac or Honor Among Robots/Turncoats

S3 E13
Jul 31, 2003
Jenny humiliates a samurai by rescuing him and must help him regain his honor. Jenny's sisters turn against Wakeman.

Escape from Cluster Prime

S3 E14
Apr 25, 2009
Jenny is accidentally transported to Cluster Prime, the planet ruled by her nemesis Vexus and completely populated by robots, where she goes through an emotional roller-coaster ride. At first, she is shocked that she finally fits in, surrounded by her true peers. but things change quickly.