Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Meet Your Fairy Godmother

S1 E1
Sep 16, 2022
Quince planner Maria meets with Bayle to plan her dream quinceañera. Maria is there every step of the way helping Bayle pick which friends end up in her court and assisting with dress shopping for the big day.

The Princess and The Queen

S1 E2
Sep 16, 2022
Maria meets with her second quinceañera girl Angelica and encourages her throughout the day's events to speak up for her desires over her opinionated mother. Bayle gives an update on her quinceañera planning process.

Dance Dad

S1 E3
Sep 16, 2022
Maria meets with her third quinceañera girl Romi and her parents Hondo and Joanne to discuss Romi's Hollywood glam vision for her party, then meets with each girl and their families to help them practice their dances for their big days.

Waltz of the Quinceañeras

S1 E4
Sep 23, 2022
Bayle and her court have their first dance rehearsal. Romi previews her venue and attends a food tasting set by Maria. Celeste requests special jewelry from her father to give to Angelica, while Angelica and her court struggle at dance rehearsals.

Who Let The Dog Out

S1 E5
Sep 30, 2022
Maria takes Romi's dog Raisin dress shopping. Nataly and Maria watch an ice sculpture demo. Celeste confronts Maria over how unhappy she is with her dance rehearsals. Bayle has an unexpected update for her court.

'Twas The Night Before The Quinceañera

S1 E6
Oct 7, 2022
Bayle reveals to her court that she has fractured her foot. Angelica continues to push for no heels the day of her quince, but it's non negotiable for Celeste. It's the eve of the quinceañera and Romi is feeling excited and nervous for her big day!

Lights, Camera, Romi!

S1 E7
Oct 14, 2022
It's finally the day of Romi's quinceañera, and with that comes all the joy, tears, mayhem and chaos that come with it! Will Romi be able to get through the hurdles of the day and get to enjoy her quince, or will the day turn into a disaster?

Welcome to Romiwood

S1 E8
Oct 21, 2022
Romi's quinceañera comes to a finale in the ultimate dance battle between Romi and her dad. Angelica receives a special gift from her aunt as they share a special bond. It's quinceañera day for Bayle as she gets glammed up by the glam squad.

Enchanted Bayle

S1 E9
Oct 28, 2022
Now that Bayle's enchanted quinceanera is here, Maria, Bayle and Nataly are in full gear getting ready for the big day. But between Bayle's court misbehaving and her foot not quite healed yet, there's a chance the night could end in disaster.

Starry Starry Angelica

S1 E10
Nov 4, 2022
In the season finale, it's Angelica's Quince Day and Maria is so excited to reveal the venue to the Luna family. Everything has been assembled perfectly and it's very emotional for Angelica and her family. It's a special night under the stars!