Season 3

Episode Guide

Love Island USA - Episode 1

S3 E1
Jul 8, 2021
Host Arielle Vandenberg and narrator Matthew Hoffman return with even more love and romance this summer as LOVE ISLAND escapes the desert and heads back to the beach. Islanders will couple up on the sundrenched Hawaiian Island where they will be ready for more texts, fireside ceremonies, challenges and friendships.

Love Island USA - Episode 2

S3 E2
Jul 9, 2021
Things are heating up for the Islanders!

Love Island USA - Episode 3

S3 E3
Jul 10, 2021
Jeremy and Trina enjoy some alone time on a date.

Love Island USA - Episode 4

S3 E4
Jul 12, 2021
Emotions run high as Aimee turns more than one boys head. Host Arielle Vandenberg shocks the Islanders when she returns to the Villa to announce the seasons first Recoupling.

Love Island USA - Episode 5

S3 E5
Jul 14, 2021
The Love Island Villa gets even steamier with the arrival of a new Islander. Isaiah is not afraid to make his intentions known and to move in on his targets quickly. (TV-14 D, L)

Love Island USA - Episode 6

S3 E6
Jul 15, 2021
After last night's Kissing Booth game, the Islanders can't help but acknowledge the rise in tensions of all kinds. Cinco spends more time mulling over his decision between Cashay and Trina and tries not to get distracted by Lei-Yen, one of the three new Islanders to join the Villa.

Love Island USA - Episode 7

S3 E7
Jul 16, 2021
After choosing Trina, Cinco has a hard time talking to Cashay. Cashay feels disrespected by both Trina and Cinco and puts up necessary barriers. Our new Islanders choose what boys they want to take out on a date and at night the Islanders play a steamy game of Unboxed.

Love Island USA - Episode 8

S3 E8
Jul 17, 2021
The Islanders spend their day letting loose and having fun with an all new challenge but have to regroup and refocus when they get a visit from Arielle for the night's recoupling.

Love Island USA - Episode 9

S3 E9
Jul 19, 2021
At the height of the double elimination fallout, we drop a couple of bombshells, as two new boys join the villa.

Love Island USA - Episode 10

S3 E10
Jul 21, 2021
While Javonny and Olivia bond over cooking a meal, Florita addresses the flame in her heart and hopes to come to a decision between Korey and Jeremy before the Recoupling ceremony.

Love Island USA - Episode 11

S3 E11
Jul 22, 2021
Our Islanders are in a love frenzy at the Villa. Doors to potential relationships are left open, pacts to "get the guy" are formed, and an all new game puts the relationships to the test. The Love Island madness never ends!

Love Island USA - Episode 12

S3 E12
Jul 23, 2021
Honesty's the best policy! But also a smooth segue into chaos. Operation Heart Attack goes into action as Islanders Cashay and Olivia bare all. To top it all off, Arielle is back in The Villa for a surprising elimination round.

Love Island USA - Episode 13

S3 E13
Jul 24, 2021
After last night's tough goodbyes, the Islanders try to get themselves acclimated to a quieter Villa. Thankfully, there's never a dull moment and the Islanders get to partake in “The Love Island Games!”

Love Island USA - Episode 14

S3 E14
Jul 26, 2021
Say hello to five new girls, and five new boys. It's the return of Casa Amour. The couples will be divided and face ultimate temptation. Who will stay and who will stray?

Love Island USA - Episode 15

S3 E15
Jul 28, 2021
Tonight our Islanders continue to figure out their feelings. At the Villa, Will considers his connection with Kyra along with his new flame for Flo. At Casa Amor, Cashay worries about hurting Charlie by keeping her options open with Cinco.

Love Island USA - Episode 16

S3 E16
Jul 29, 2021
Decision time is here! Our Islanders from The Villa and Casa Amor are faced with another Recoupling Ceremony. The time has come to reveal who made strong connections, who stayed loyal, and who has been dumped from the Island.

Love Island USA - Episode 17

S3 E17
Jul 30, 2021
The day after a Recoupling is always hard… And the Islanders don't try to make it any easier! Unfaithful confessions are made, love triangles come to a close, and new relationships open up. Love is the Villa is an ever changing ride.

Love Island USA - Episode 18

S3 E18
Jul 31, 2021
We join the Islanders this week for a round of "Smooch, Marry, Pie" and get an even closer look at how they all really feel about each other.

Love Island USA - Episode 19

S3 E19
Aug 2, 2021
After a heated night in The Villa, the Islanders take some time to cool down. With a different kind of tension budding within Cashay's new love triangle she finally comes to a decision. The Islanders get a moment of carefree relief with "Hearts on Fire '' before Arielle Vandenberg returns for an unexpected elimination round and three new Islanders are brought into The Villa.

Love Island USA - Episode 20

S3 E20
Aug 4, 2021
Connections form over dinner dates when the boys welcome new girls into The Villa. Though their romance is somewhat fresh, Olivia starts to worry about losing Korey to new Islander, Bailey. Kyra lets the girls know where they stand when it comes to her and Will. Cashay and Charlie reevaluate their relationship when Cashay worries that they might be at an unpleasant standstill. (TV-PG D, L)

Love Island USA - Episode 21

S3 E21
Aug 5, 2021
Shannon and Josh get to go on their first date and Josh pops a big question. Charlie comes to a decision on his relationship with Cashay and two new Islanders are brought into The Villa!

Love Island USA - Episode 22

S3 E22
Aug 6, 2021
Our two new Islanders go on their first dates in The Villa. Korey starts to feel the pressure of being in two love triangles. Josh and Shannon share a heavy goodbye with the Islanders.

Love Island USA - Episode 23

S3 E23
Aug 7, 2021
With a Recoupling hanging over the Islanders heads the time for making decisions diminishes while the tension throughout The Villa grows stronger.

Love Island USA - Episode 24

S3 E24
Aug 9, 2021
The Islanders hop on down the bunny trail in The Villa game, "The Fast and The Furriest." That night, Arielle Vandenberg returns to reveal the couples with the most potential.

Love Island USA - Episode 25

S3 E25
Aug 11, 2021
The Islanders air out piles of "Dirty Laundry" in today’s challenge. Kyra starts to seriously question her relationship with Will.

Love Island USA - Episode 26

S3 E26
Aug 12, 2021
It's Family Day at The Villa! Islanders get to talk to their family members via video call and anxiously await approval from their loved ones at home.

Love Island USA - Episode 27

S3 E27
Aug 13, 2021
Bonds are strengthened as the couples partake in a round of Couples Therapy. But, no matter how strong each couple becomes, they all face the risk of getting dumped from the island that night.

Love Island USA - Episode 28

S3 E28
Aug 14, 2021
As their time on Love Island comes closer to an end, the Islanders venture out on their final dates.

Love Island USA - Episode 29

S3 E29
Aug 16, 2021
It's the Love Island finale! Our final couples spend their final day in The Villa playing "Race To The Altar" before settling down to prepare for the night time ceremony. The girls and boys pick out their dresses and suits and work on their Declarations of Love. That night the winners of Love Island 2021 are revealed.