Episode Guide

Season 2

Episode Guide

LINGO for the Holidays

S2 E0
Dec 25, 2023
In a festive twist, RuPaul dons his holiday best to host LINGO for the holidays, where contestants compete in a winter wonderland filled with holiday-inspired superlingos and thrilling gameplay.


S2 E1
May 25, 2024
A brand-new season of LINGO gets underway with math teachers taking on doctors followed by friends facing off against a newly married couple. New this season, one winning team will return to defend their title and add to their winnings.


S2 E2
May 25, 2024
In tonight's word game, math teachers Ashley and Jessica are back to defend their title as they face in-laws in a hard-fought battle, while married Midwesterners go head-to-head against police buddies from Florida.


S2 E3
Jun 1, 2024
In tonight's word game, math teachers and the 2-time defending champs Ashley and Jessica are back again and this time they take on a mother and son team from Georgia, while married nurses face off against roommates in a high stakes match up on LINGO.


S2 E4
Jun 22, 2024
There's more word game fun when the California math teachers return for an amazing fourth straight episode as their winnings continue to grow. Then, a Southern couple faces off against friends from the East Coast.