Season 4

Episode Guide

Nick Turner, Colin Jost, Reggie Watts

S4 E1
Jul 26, 2013
Nick Turner has mixed feelings about winning doughnuts, Colin Jost has a unique reaction when a woman trips, and Reggie Watts loves to tell stories about his crazy life.

Joe Zimmerman, Sara Schaefer, Tom Lennon

S4 E2
Aug 2, 2013
Joe Zimmerman doesn't understand people who own pet snakes, Sara Schaefer is skeptical of comparing sex to pumping gas, and Tom Lennon reminisces about old-school New York.

James Adomian, Jessi Klein, Pete Holmes

S4 E3
Aug 9, 2013
James Adomian suspects that gay villains know how to party, Jessi Klein finds some sexual requests disconcerting, and Pete Holmes meets a cheerful airport employee.

Morgan Murphy, Seth Herzog, Rory Scovel

S4 E4
Aug 16, 2013
Morgan Murphy wants more honest dialogue about being a single lady, Seth Herzog encounters a camel, and Rory Scovel does not want to intimidate people with his German accent.

Phil Hanley, Brooke Van Poppelen, Gary Gulman

S4 E5
Aug 23, 2013
Phil Hanley acknowledges that he does not have manly legs, Brooke Van Poppelen enjoys herbal laxative tea, and Gary Gulman has a showdown at Trader Joe's.

Ron Funches, Mark Forward, Dan Soder

S4 E6
Aug 30, 2013
Ron Funches knows that he writes pretty awesome poetry, Mark Forward sings while awaiting an important text, and Dan Soder doesn't approve of his friends breeding.

Ali Wong, Travon Free, Paul F. Tompkins

S4 E7
Sep 6, 2013
Ali Wong is tired of taking care of herself, Travon Free refuses to eat at Soup Plantation, and Paul F. Tompkins wasn't always a comedian.

Joe Mande, Jamie Lee, W. Kamau Bell

S4 E8
Sep 13, 2013
Joe Mande has an odd encounter in a New York bodega, and Jamie Lee doesn't enjoy being approached by overconfident guys at bars.