Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Jeff & Some Honor Killings

S1 E1
Jan 11, 2017
After Jeff inadvertently murders an alien on the planet Azuria, he is forced to kill a human on Earth in order to prevent an intergalactic war.

Jeff & Some Energry Trading

S1 E2
Jan 18, 2017
Jeff trades his life energy for luxury items that he uses to impress his ex, but things quickly spiral out of control.

Jeff & Some Preteen Girls

S1 E3
Jan 25, 2017
Jeff goes undercover among a group of preteen girls to convince his niece to pursue her artistic dreams.

Jeff & Some Laughs

S1 E4
Feb 1, 2017
To save his father's life after a car crash, Jeff begins using an alien device that harnesses the healing power of laughter.

Jeff & Some Colonists

S1 E5
Feb 8, 2017
Jeff accidentally hands the Earth over to alien conquerors with a voracious appetite for smoothies.

Jeff & Some Confidence

S1 E6
Feb 15, 2017
After Jeff uses an alien device to alter his memories, he becomes a brash, confident businessman.

Jeff & Some Jeffs

S1 E7
Feb 22, 2017
While the aliens are away on vacation, Jeff accidentally uses a device that gives everyone on Earth his exact personality traits.

Jeff & Some Childlike Joy & Whimsy

S1 E8
Mar 1, 2017
Jeff feeds his childhood best friend a mind-altering chemical in order to reignite his youthful sense of fun.

Jeff & Some Love

S1 E9
Mar 8, 2017
To save the Earth from destruction, Jeff must win Linda's love within 50 days.

Jeff & Some Love Simulations

S1 E10
Mar 15, 2017
The aliens help Jeff find his soulmate using simulations with miniature clones, but things go bad when one of them escapes into the real world.