Season 2

Episode Guide

Gadget In Mini-Madness

S2 E1
Sep 30, 1985
Dr. Claw plots with Dr. Shieskopf to eliminate Gadget with his latest invention, the Linguinis, which are five little men with teeth sharp enough to chew up any material object.

The Incredible Shrinking Gadget

S2 E2
Oct 1, 1985
Dr. Claw hires Dr. Shieskopf to invent a shrinking ray gun to shrink Inspector Gadget down to the size of a mouse.

Gadget Meets The Grappler

S2 E3
Oct 2, 1985
Gadget is planning a trip on the Oriental Express Mystery Tour Train and is warned by Quimby about a MAD plot to kill him while aboard.

Focus On Gadget

S2 E4
Oct 7, 1985
Dr. Claw, with the help of identical twin MAD scientists Null and Void, steals a space station to extort millions of dollars from the earth's citizens.

Mad In The Moon

S2 E5
Oct 8, 1985
To celebrate his birthday, Dr. Claw has Null and Void invent Kewpie doll bombs to explode on the moon and create the MAD logo.

N.S.F. Gadget

S2 E6
Oct 9, 1985
With a black box controlled by his console, Dr. Claw schemes with the twin scientists, Null and Void, to intercept Metro City's bank transactions by manipulating their satellite transmissions.

Magic Gadget

S2 E7
Oct 14, 1985
Dr. Claw schemes with two magicians, the Lesser and the Great Wambini, to steal gold bars from the bank vault.

The Great Wambini's Seance

S2 E8
Oct 15, 1985
Pets owned by the city’s rich and famous are disappearing and Inspector Gadget’s job is to investigate and locate the missing pets.

Wambini Predicts

S2 E9
Oct 16, 1985
Chief Quimby warns Inspector Gadget of a MAD plot to steal the famous King of Alpacastan's llama that spits diamonds.

Bad Dreams Are Made Of This

S2 E10
Oct 21, 1985
Dr. Claw, with the aid of Dr. Spectrum and Bert Sweetley, uses a dream beam to give the citizens of Metro City nightmares.

Ghost Catchers

S2 E11
Oct 22, 1985
Quimby informs Gadget that ghosts are in the homes of Metro City's most distinguished families and a MAD plot is suspected.

Busy Signal

S2 E12
Oct 23, 1985
Claw realizing Gadget isn't dead sends ghosts to kill him. Gadget tries to arrest the ghosts. Agents #1 and #2 are dressed as Ghost Catchers shooting rancid grease all over the mansion.

The Capeman Cometh

S2 E13
Oct 28, 1985
Chief Quimby reveals to Inspector Gadget a MAD plot to steal Metro City's gold. Inspector Gadget is instructed to proceed to the mint and stop the robbery while Penny and Brain follow.

Crashcourse In Crime

S2 E14
Oct 29, 1985
As Inspector Gadget is washing the Gadgetmobile, he promises to teach Capeman the rules of crime fighting.

Gadget's Gadgets

S2 E15
Oct 30, 1985
Dr. Claw plots with Dr. Noodleman to dismantle Gadget of his gadgets with the aid of various vintage hospital surgical tools. Quimby arrives to warn Inspector Gadget of the MAD plot.

Tyrannosaurus Gadget

S2 E16
Nov 4, 1985
With the aid of a time machine, Dr. Claw plots to go back in time to destroy GADGET'S ancestors in order to eliminate GADGET as well as bring back dinosaurs to rule Metro City.

Gadget's Roma

S2 E17
Nov 5, 1985
When Quimby learns Thelma is being sent back to ancient Rome to learn the Secret of Roma inscribed on a mosaic at the Forum - he sends GADGET to stop her in the time machine.

Gadget's Clean Sweep

S2 E18
Nov 6, 1985
Dr. Claw has located GADGET'S l9th Century relatives, living in London. He sends Thelma back in time to dispose of them, thus doing away with GADGET at the same time.

Gadget Meets The Clan

S2 E19
Nov 11, 1985
Dr. Claw, frustrated at the poor quality of MAD agents, goes to ask the help of a very old Sicilian don, the Great, Great Godfather.

Gadget And Old Lace

S2 E20
Nov 12, 1985
GADGET has ordered a new watch. He gets his orders from Chief Quimby that MAD is unleashing weapons disguised as novelties.

Gadget And The Red Rose

S2 E21
Nov 13, 1985
INSPECTOR GADGET and Capeman have been testing out their new invention, the Gadzooka (a bazooka that shoots acid sour cream).