Season 2

Episode Guide

Gadget In Mini-Madness

S2 E1
Sep 30, 1985
Dr. Claw plots with Dr. Shieskopf to eliminate Gadget with his latest invention, the Linguinis, which are five little men with teeth sharp enough to chew up any material object. Quimby warns Gadget of a suspected MAD plot to make attempts on his life. As a precautionary measure, Gadget locks himself in his house. Disguised as a nurse, the Linguinis gain entry into the house.

The Incredible Shrinking Gadget

S2 E2
Oct 01, 1985
Dr. Claw hires Dr. Shieskopf to invent a shrinking ray gun to shrink Inspector Gadget down to the size of a mouse. Quimby orders Gadget to investigate a suspected MAD plot at the Eccentric Invention Convention. Once there, Gadget and Capeman observe Shieskopf's display of exotic technological marvels. As Shieskopf demonstrates his inventions for Gadget, he shoots him with the ray gun shrinking Gadget to dwarf size.

Gadget Meets The Grappler

S2 E3
Oct 02, 1985
Gadget is planning a trip on the Oriental Express Mystery Tour Train and is warned by Quimby about a MAD plot to kill him while aboard. Dr. Claw has hired Professor Shieskopf who invented The Grappler, a powerful eight foot creature who mangles and eats steel and metal. As Gadget prepares for a press conference, Capeman calls a cleaning service to get the house in order. He doesn't realize that Claw has tapped the phone and is now posing as the cleaning service.

Focus On Gadget

S2 E4
Oct 07, 1985
Dr. Claw, with the help of identical twin MAD scientists Null and Void, steals a space station to extort millions of dollars from the earth's citizens. A large magnifying glass is installed in the center of the station to use the sun's power to dry up water sources through evaporation. Quimby, fearing MAD's involvement, asks GADGET to look for the missing station. Penny comes along so she can study the voice-responsive computer, Harold, on board.

Mad In The Moon

S2 E5
Oct 08, 1985
To celebrate his birthday, Dr. Claw has Null and Void invent Kewpie doll bombs to explode on the moon and create the MAD logo. Quimby warns GADGET of Claw's scheme to change the face of the moon and instructs him to stop Dr. Claw. As GADGET, Capeman, Penny and Brain prepare to board their moon rocket, Claw orders a MAD agent to eliminate GADGET. A MAD agent operating a forklift begins to head toward GADGET.

N.S.F. Gadget

S2 E6
Oct 09, 1985
With a black box controlled by his console, Dr. Claw schemes with the twin scientists, Null and Void, to intercept Metro City's bank transactions by manipulating their satellite transmissions. Meanwhile, MAD agents are at work at the space center placing crazy gas in the satellite repair crew's oxygen tanks, causing them to hallucinate monsters. Quimby warns GADGET of Claw's plot to manipulate bank funds and orders him to investigate. Penny instructs Brain to follow GADGET to the spaceport.

Magic Gadget

S2 E7
Oct 14, 1985
Dr. Claw schemes with two magicians, the Lesser and the Great Wambini, to steal gold bars from the bank vault. To ensure Inspector Gadget's absence, the Lesser Wambini presents the Inspector with complimentary tickets to the show which he gladly accepts. The Great Wambini has succeeded in robbing the gold bars from the vaults and replaces them with a photograph of bundled bills. Penny discovers that the vaults have been broken into.

The Great Wambini's Seance

S2 E8
Oct 15, 1985
Pets owned by the city's rich and famous are disappearing and Inspector Gadget's job is to investigate and locate the missing pets. MAD magician, the Great Wambini is inviting the missing pet owners to a séance. For a fee, he agrees to offer his services to find the missing pets and return them to their rightful owners. Inspector Gadget visits one of Wambini's séances and is made to magically disappear just as Wambini begins to return the missing pets.

Wambini Predicts

S2 E9
Oct 16, 1985
Chief Quimby warns Inspector Gadget of a MAD plot to steal the famous King of Alpacastan's llama that spits diamonds. As the Inspector rushes off to catch a flight to Alpacastan to investigate, Penny and Brain secretly follow him. Aboard the plane, MAD stewardesses instruct the passengers to put on their oxygen masks which are really filled with sleeping gas. As Gadget sleeps, he is dropped out of the plane but with the help of his special gadgets, he lands safely.

Bad Dreams Are Made Of This

S2 E10
Oct 21, 1985
Dr. Claw, with the aid of Dr. Spectrum and Bert Sweetley, uses a dream beam to give the citizens of Metro City nightmares. His plan is to make everyone too tired to work, so they will buy his Dream-way machine. Quimby warns Gadget of a possible MAD plot, which a tired Gadget tries to investigate. While Gadget is on his way to the TV station, he stumbles upon some MAD thugs pulling an armored car heist while the guards sleep. Gadget helps them then falls asleep at the wheel of the Gadgetmobile.

Ghost Catchers

S2 E11
Oct 22, 1985
Quimby informs Gadget that ghosts are in the homes of Metro City's most distinguished families and a MAD plot is suspected. Dr. Spectrum tells Claw that the ghost globules are working and the only way to get rid of them is to spray them with rancid cooking oil. They have started a business as "ghost catchers." Gadget, with Brain in pursuit, stumbles onto a costume party in a mansion, which happens to be Claw's next target.

Busy Signal

S2 E12
Oct 23, 1985
GADGET, with Penny and Brain's assistance, investigates a rash of mysterious mansion burglaries in Metro City. They discover that Dr. Spectrum and Claw have teamed up to use a device called a "Telephone Transmitter," which sends and receives the stolen goods over telephone wires, materializing them at the other end. A trained squirrel gains entry and knocks the receivers off their hooks.

The Capeman Cometh

S2 E13
Oct 28, 1985
Chief Quimby reveals to Inspector Gadget a MAD plot to steal Metro City's gold. Inspector Gadget is instructed to proceed to the mint and stop the robbery while Penny and Brain follow. As Inspector Gadget and Capeman pull up to the mint to investigate, Brain climbs to the roof and discovers that all the mint's gold has been stolen and a bomb has been planted. In the nick of time, Inspector Gadget saves the bank and his friends from the deadly bomb by turning back the clock.

Crashcourse In Crime

S2 E14
Oct 29, 1985
As Inspector Gadget is washing the Gadgetmobile, he promises to teach Capeman the rules of crime fighting. Chief Quimby arrives to inform Inspector Gadget of MAD's eighth anniversary to be celebrated with eight bold crimes. MAD agents engage in a series of robberies throughout Metro City. Each time they leave behind another candle. As Gadget arrives at the scene of each crime, he invariably mistakes the victims for MAD agents and allows the real agents to go free.

Gadget's Gadgets

S2 E15
Oct 30, 1985
Dr. Claw plots with Dr. Noodleman to dismantle Gadget of his gadgets with the aid of various vintage hospital surgical tools. Quimby arrives to warn Inspector Gadget of the MAD plot. Meanwhile, as Capeman is swinging from a trapeze that Gadget rigged, a MAD device snaps the ropes sending Capeman flying into the bushes. Gadget calls for an ambulance which turns out to be from MAD. Gadget rides with Capeman as they are brought to Dr. Noodleman's clinic.

Tyrannosaurus Gadget

S2 E16
Nov 04, 1985
With the aid of a time machine, Dr. Claw plots to go back in time to destroy GADGET'S ancestors in order to eliminate GADGET as well as bring back dinosaurs to rule Metro City. Quimby arrives at the Smithsonian Museum to inform GADGET of Claw's latest scheme. Down at police headquarters, Dr. Carmagnolia unveils his time machine. GADGET, Penny and Brain go back in time to find dinosaurs and stop MAD. As they travel back in time, GADGET, Penny and Brain end up in the wrong era.

Gadget's Roma

S2 E17
Nov 05, 1985
When Quimby learns Thelma is being sent back to ancient Rome to learn the Secret of Roma inscribed on a mosaic at the Forum - he sends GADGET to stop her in the time machine. GADGET is also anxious to meet his ancient Roman relative, Gadgetorum. First stop is the Coliseum, where our heroes turn a gladiatorial battle topsy-turvy, leaving the lions with egg on their face. Meanwhile, Thelma directs her two agents to do away with GADGET while she learns the Secret of Roma from the mosaic.

Gadget's Clean Sweep

S2 E18
Nov 06, 1985
Dr. Claw has located GADGET'S l9th Century relatives, living in London. He sends Thelma back in time to dispose of them, thus doing away with GADGET at the same time. He instructs her to steal the Crown jewels, as long as she's there. Quimby catches wind of the plot and dispatches GADGET, along with Penny and Brain, in a time machine to follow Thelma. The time machine will only stay back in time for 4 hours. If our heroes aren't in it, they'll be stuck in the l9th Century.

Gadget Meets The Clan

S2 E19
Nov 11, 1985
Dr. Claw, frustrated at the poor quality of MAD agents, goes to ask the help of a very old Sicilian don, the Great, Great Godfather. But GADGET proves more than a match for the Sicilian and his four sons. Eugene, is almost as goofy as GADGET, as he leads them on a pursuit through a fishing trip, a restaurant, a souvenir shop and a construction site, as they try to eliminate our GADGET.

Gadget And Old Lace

S2 E20
Nov 12, 1985
GADGET has ordered a new watch. He gets his orders from Chief Quimby that MAD is unleashing weapons disguised as novelties. Dr. Claw is working with his old mentor, Les Renown, on a plot to do in GADGET. Les recruits his fellow old bad guys, who pretend to be GADGET'S fan club. In the end, of course, GADGET emerges triumphant, through no fault of his own.

Gadget And The Red Rose

S2 E21
Nov 13, 1985
INSPECTOR GADGET and Capeman have been testing out their new invention, the Gadzooka (a bazooka that shoots acid sour cream). Claw and Madcat, wanting to eliminate our heroes, convinces Spuds Malone, the mini-minded creator of the ultimate weapon, the Red Rose, to quit his job as a cook at an old folks home and finish off GADGET. The only problem is that Spuds can't remember where he hid the Red Rose. A wild, multi-leveled chase ensues with Spuds and two accomplices looking for the Red Rose.