Season 3

Episode Guide

Last F**kable Day

S3 E1
Apr 20, 2015
Amy raps about butts, learns what happens to women in Hollywood when they get older and tries out an arduous new birth control regimen.

Cool With It

S3 E2
Apr 27, 2015
Amy goes to a strip club, appears in a self-affirming music video and supports her boyfriend's rap dreams.

12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer

S3 E3
May 04, 2015
A jury made up entirely of men debate whether or not Amy is hot enough to be on TV.

I'm Sorry

S3 E4
May 11, 2015
Amy feels ignored at a bar, acts adorable on a late-night talk show and interviews a gigolo.

Babies and Bustiers

S3 E5
May 18, 2015
Amy undergoes a butt enhancement procedure, competes in a beauty pageant and drops her rescue dog off at daycare.

80s Ladies

S3 E6
May 25, 2015
Amy discovers the true meaning of the universe, rides a mechanical bull and defends Bill Cosby.

Fight Like a Girl

S3 E7
Jun 01, 2015
Amy helps her boyfriend buy a shirt, gets a mail-order husband and teaches a class in female emotional combat.


S3 E8
Jun 22, 2015
Amy feels awkward bringing up her boyfriend in conversation, learns the downside of being a princess and helps her therapist through a tough time.


S3 E9
Jun 29, 2015
Amy tries to get her friend laid, stands trial as a witch and interviews a woman who used to be Amish.

3 Buttholes

S3 E10
Jul 06, 2015
Amy learns the truth about cockblocking, falls for a guy with an accent and gets smiling lessons.