The 5 Most Impressive Finale Tattoos From Past Seasons of Ink Master

See works of art created for Ink Master’s ultimate challenge.
Posted on Sep 27, 2022 | 11:55am
Ink Master is one of TV’s most grueling reality competitions. Week after week, artists are expected to deliver skill and finesse on demand. Only the strongest make it to their season finale where, with a cash prize and the title of Ink Master on the line, they’re asked to produce finale tattoos, or master canvases, that require anywhere from 24 to 56 hours of work. 

So, what are the most awesome tattoos to emerge from these high-pressure episodes?  

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With Season 14 of Ink Master now streaming on Paramount+, it’s time to look back at five of the series’ most impressive finale tattoos from seasons past. Keep scrolling to see if your favorites made the list! 

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