The Most Creative Tattoo Cover Ups On Ink Master

Here are eight times Ink Master artists turned huge regrets into pure art. Watch the series now on Paramount+!
Posted on Sep 10, 2021 | 08:10am
Ink Master, now streaming on Paramount+, is the world’s most intense tattoo competition. Each week, artists are given daunting tattoo assignments on live canvases. Screw it up and you’re out. Nail it and you’re one step closer to a cash prize and the title of Ink Master.

The tattoo cover up is one of the most difficult challenges contestants face on Ink Master. In addition to having a limited time frame to complete their tattoo, they also have to design it to disguise an older ink job.

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As Season 1 competitor Tommy Helm says, you’re not covering a tattoo, you’re camouflaging it.

They say tattoos are forever, the darker and bigger the original tattoo, the harder it is to cover up. It takes creativity, ingenuity and flawless execution.

Many have failed this challenge, others have delivered sick tattoos under pressure. There’s nothing better than turning a mistake into a masterpiece.

These are the Ink Master cover up tattoos that had canvasses beaming with excitement... and relief!