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Roscoe Kaan
Donis Leonard Jr.
Played by Donis Leonard Jr.

Marty and Monica's son Roscoe is as bold and brash as his father, except instead of consulting, his thing is cross dressing. Roscoe is very sure of who he is, and he knows how to work a blinged out tee and designer handbag better than anybody, classmates and teachers be damned.

Donis Leonard Jr. was born in Detroit, Michigan, and came to Los Angeles as an infant. By the time he was four, he knew he could do what he saw kids doing on television. Members of his family have been involved with dance and theatre, so he grew up around the arts -- and with such an outgoing personality, he was bound to succeed.

Leonard Jr. got his first break when he was cast as the lead in short film, HIS GOOD WILL with James Avery and Ashley Jones. This project was directed by Cayman Grant and went on to win several Festival awards. Leonard Jr. has enjoyed major guest roles on Tyler Perry's FOR BETTER OR WORSE and Nickelodeon's BIG TIME RUSH, along with maintaining his basketball skills, dancing skills, and love of cooking during his first year in high school. Recently, he was thrilled to participate in the Habitat for Humanity project HabitatLA and is excited to be a presenter at the NAACP Theatre Awards.