Season 10

Episode Guide

Ua 'eha ka 'ili i ka maka o ka ihe (The skin has been hurt by the point of the spear.)

S10 E1
Sep 27, 2019
A new ally helps McGarrett and the team when mob bosses on the island are targeted by an assassin.

Kuipeia e ka makani apaa (Knocked flat by the wind; sudden disaster)

S10 E2
Oct 4, 2019
Tani and Junior must plot an escape for themselves and others after a deadly tunnel collapse.

E uhi ana ka wa i hala i na mea i hala (Passing time obscures the past)

S10 E3
Oct 11, 2019
A plane that crashed in the '80s is found, but with a recently murdered scuba diver inside.

Ukuli'i ka pua, onaona i ka mau'u (Tiny is the flower, yet it scents the grasses around it)

S10 E4
Oct 18, 2019
Five-0 enlists imprisoned hacker Aaron Wright to help when a young girl is reported kidnapped.

He 'oi'o kuhihewa; he kaka ola i 'ike 'ia e ka makaula (Don't blame ghosts and spirits for one's troubles)

S10 E5
Oct 25, 2019
The team investigates a home invasion that turned deadly; Max returns to Oahu with a special guest.

A'ohe pau ka 'ike i ka halau ho'okahi (All knowledge is not learned in just one school)

S10 E6
Nov 1, 2019
A crash involves a driverless car carrying heroin; Tani and Quinn take YouTubers on a ride-along.

Ka 'i'o (DNA)

S10 E7
Nov 9, 2019
The CIA informs McGarrett that his mother has gone rogue and may have killed her partner.

Ne'e aku, ne'e mai ke one o Punahoa (That way and this way shifts the sand of Punahoa)

S10 E8
Nov 16, 2019
The team searches for a killer whose plane crashed with $10 million worth of heroin on board.

Ka la'au kumu 'ole o Kahilikolo (The trunkless tree of Kahilikolo)

S10 E9
Nov 23, 2019
Junior and Tani track down the thief who robbed his parents' home; Danny moves in with McGarrett.

O 'oe, a 'owau, nalo ia mea (You and me; it is hidden)

S10 E10
Dec 7, 2019
When Adam's girlfriend is kidnapped, he breaks all the rules in order to get her back.

Ka i ka 'ino, no ka 'ino (To return evil for evil)

S10 E11
Dec 14, 2019
A search for stolen artillery leads to a ghost from McGarrett's past -- Wo Fat.

Ihea 'oe i ka wa a ka ua e loku ana? (Where were you when the rain was pouring?)

S10 E12
Jan 4, 2020
When a list of CIA agents is stolen, the team enlists the help of Magnum, Higgins, Rick and TC.

Loa'a pono ka 'iole i ka punana. (The rat was caught right in the nest)

S10 E13
Jan 11, 2020
A man is frozen to death in a private golf course's cryotherapy chamber.

I ho'olulu, ho'ohulei 'ia e ka makani (There was a lull, and then the wind began to blow about.)

S10 E14
Feb 1, 2020
Soon after Danny meets the girl of his dreams, they get into a potentially fatal car accident.

He waha kou o ka he'e (Yours is the mouth of an octopus)

S10 E15
Feb 8, 2020
Grover's niece is missing and it's discovered her boyfriend is an undercover member of the yakuza.

He kauwa ke kanaka na ke aloha (Man is a slave of love.)

S10 E16
Feb 15, 2020
On Valentine's Day, Tani and Noelani are held hostage during a convenience store robbery.

He kohu puahiohio i ka ho'olele i ka lepo i luna (Like a whirlwind, whirling the dust upward)

S10 E17
Feb 22, 2020
Murders follow the plot of a fabled, unpublished crime novel from the 1920s.

Nalowale i ke 'ehu o he kai (Lost in the sea sprays)

S10 E18
Feb 29, 2020
The team investigates a murder on a ship where pirates impersonated the Coast Guard to get on board.

E ho'i na keiki oki uaua o na pali (Home go the very tough lads of the hills)

S10 E19
Mar 7, 2020
A rancher is killed after uncovering skeletons where Civil War-era gold coins are allegedly buried.

He puhe'e miki (A gripping cuttlefish)

S10 E20
Mar 14, 2020
The team investigates a scheme to rob tourists; Tani and Junior work on their new relationship.

A 'ohe ia e loa'a aku, he ulua kapapa no ka moana (He cannot be caught for he is an ulua fish of the deep ocean)

S10 E21
Mar 28, 2020
Steve gets a posthumous letter from his mother that contains a cypher; a good Samaritan in trouble.

Aloha (Goodbye)

S10 E22
Apr 4, 2020
Danny is abducted and wounded by Wo Fat's wife, who is after the cypher Steve's mother left him.