Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Pe-Choo!/The Spitting Tree

S1 E1
Mar 29, 2015
To have an awesome time at the lake, Harvey has to do the one thing that's the hardest for him - get in really big trouble. Spitting from the highest tree in Littlebark is fun until the kids realize they can't get back down.

The Finger/The Negatives of Being Positively Charged

S1 E2
Apr 5, 2015
The discovery of a giant, stone finger in the ground leads the kids on a passionate quest to find out what's attached to the rest of it. When Fee and Foo become magnetized, nature seems determined to force them apart.

The Rentl Bike/Anti-Valentine's Day

S1 E3
Apr 12, 2015
Harvey and Foo rent a bike from a grumpy shopkeeper and learn the meaning of the phrase "Buyer Beware." Always excluded from Valentine's Day festivities, Fee makes up her own holiday - Anti-Valentine's Day!

Nightclub Night/The Rebel

S1 E4
Apr 19, 2015
It's all-ages night at the club and Harvey can't wait to blow everyone's minds with his rad dance moves. Harvey becomes convinced that he's a rebel... even though he has no idea what being a rebel means.

Comet Night?/Comet Night!

S1 E5
Apr 21, 2015
Harvey tries to have a magical night of bonding with his dad, but everything goes horribly, horribly wrong./To prove that she's still got excitement in her veins, Miriam takes Fee and the girls out for a wild night.

The Sleepover's Over/Certified Babysitter

S1 E6
Apr 26, 2015
The twins invite Harvey over for a sleepover. There's just one problem: Harvey has NEVER made it all the way through a sleepover before. Harvey is determined to prove to his parents he can babysit his sister all on his own.

A Tail of Les Squirrels/Someone's Stealing My Stuff

S1 E7
May 2, 2015
The kids find a detached tail in the woods and decide to keep it. Fee and Foo instantly get blamed when everyone's stuff goes missing. In order to protect his friends, Harvey searches to find the real culprit.

The Almighty Foo/Old Fashioned Dade

S1 E8
May 17, 2015
When Foo accidentally destroys a bug village, he tries to make it up by giving them a safe, new home: Harvey's house. Dade is thrilled to hang with Harvey at the yearly Old-Fashioned Days festival.

Fee's Haircut/Harvey's Favorite Book

S1 E9
Jul 18, 2015
After Fee gets her first ever haircut, she has to decide what's better: looking awesome or being awesome. Harvey feels jealous when all the kids fall in love with his favorite detective book series.

Dad Band/Foo's Panic Room

S1 E10
Jul 25, 2015
Harvey helps his Dad's garage band hit the big-time. But when the band's egos get out of control, it's up to Harvey to bring them back down to earth.

A Day of No To-Do/Recipe for Disaster

S1 E11
Sep 7, 2015
When Harvey goes overboard with his new day-planner, Fee tries to show him that the best-laid plans are sometimes the least-planned ones. Harvey enlists the help of the twins to cook a big, fancy dinner for his parents.

Night Maid/Icky Chicky

S1 E12
Oct 9, 2015
To save Littlebark from the rising tide of trash, Harvey becomes the superhero his town needs. Having outgrown his favorite baby toy, Harvey gives it to Foo. But letting go turns out to be harder than he thought.

Le Corn Maze... OF DOOM!/Harvey Isn't Scary

S1 E13
Oct 23, 2015
After the kids claim that last year's Halloween maze wasn't at all scary, the squirrels swear to make this year's maze the scariest ever. Harvey can't seem to scare anyone during a Halloween tradition of telling scary stories.

Buds Before Studs/Harvey Fights Kratz

S1 E14
Nov 6, 2015
When Princess claims Foo as her boyfriend, Fee and Claire team up to undo the disaster. After Harvey and Kratz get into a minor disagreement, they're told the only way they can remain friends is to fight it out like dudes.


S1 E15
Nov 20, 2015
It's board game night at the Beaks' house. Harvey teams up with his dad against his mom and the twins. When a little league coach rejects Harvey and his friends, they're determined to prove him wrong in a winner-take-all game.

Junior Squealers/The Storm

S1 E16
Jan 22, 2016
A crime-wave has hit Littlebark! Fee is the culprit and now Harvey has to figure out if it's better to be true to the rules or to your friends. Harvey is worried living outside is unsafe and insists the twins move in with him.

Steamgate/Yeti Ready

S1 E17
Feb 5, 2016
Feeling like no one in town shares his interests, Moff builds a portal to another dimension. Afraid that he can't protect his family from an imaginary yeti, Irving goes to Rooter's survivalist family for help.

Wade is Cooler than Dade/King of the Castle

S1 E18
Jun 6, 2016
Dade tries to change to be cool like his younger brother. But the real change is being a better brother. / The kids build an awesome castle out of garbage. If only they could keep Princess from knocking it down.

Harvey's First Scar/The Nature of Nature

S1 E19
Jun 6, 2016
Envious of Fee and Foo's cool scars, Harvey asks them to give him a scar of his own. He just doesn't realize that getting hurt is part of the process. Harvey goes on a heroic crusade to stop the spread of chaos in the forest.

Foofee/Why Are You Even Friends?

S1 E20
Jun 7, 2016
Fee and Foo have a secret language just for the two of them. Foo feels betrayed when Fee shares it with Harvey. Dade loses it when he has doubts about whether or not he and Harvey are totally best friends.

Alone/Foo Shoes

S1 E21
Jun 8, 2016
Unable to find anyone to play with for the day, Harvey has to find a way to have fun all by himself. Foo's handmade mud shoes are all the rage in Littlebark, until the squirrels steal his idea by making knock-offs!

The Punishment/Arbor Day

S1 E22
Jun 9, 2016
Wracked with guilt over accidentally breaking a plate, Harvey tries to find a big enough punishment. Arbor Day is Piri Piri's favorite day! But her ideal holiday comes under attack from historical accuracy.

Double Digits/Fee and Foo's First Birthday

S1 E23
Jun 10, 2016
Harvey believes that when he turns ten, he'll become a boring adult, so he tries to cancel his birthday. The twins have never had a birthday, so they throw the biggest bash Littlebark has ever seen.

Terrybear/Bark Kart

S1 E24
Jun 11, 2016
Technobear is shocked to discover his real name is Terrybear. With no idea who he really is anymore, this bear bro decides to re-invent himself. The kids of Littlebark enter an epic go-kart race.

The Ghost Problem/Princess is Better Than You

S1 E25
Jun 12, 2016
Fee's prejudices against ghosts gets her into a mess of trouble with the local ghost librarian. Tired of seeing Princess unfairly win at everything, Harvey and his friends try to teach her a lesson.

King of Pranks/Randl's Scandl

S1 E26
Jun 13, 2016
Harvey pulls off a prank on Littlebark Grove. But by not wanting to upset anyone with the truth, he has to keep it going. When Randl cuts ties with his mom, Fee and Foo have to make him see how perfect a mother she really is.