Episode Guide

Season 2

Episode Guide

Richie Moves Out

S2 E1
Sep 11, 1974
Hoping for more privacy, Richie moves out of the Cunningham home to share an apartment with his brother and soon discovers it's not the paradise he expected.

Richie's Car

S2 E2
Sep 18, 1974
Richie persuades his father to let him have his own car and Fonzie comes up with just the car for him, a hot rod named "Love Bandit," which turns out to be hot in more ways than one.

You Go To My Head

S2 E4
Oct 2, 1974
Richie's fears get the best of him while he's reading a book on abnormal psychology and it drives him to secretly see a psychiatrist.


S2 E5
Oct 9, 1974
In "R.O.T.C." when he is selected by Mr. Binicky, the school's R.O.T.C.b instructor, to be squad leader, Richie is confronted with opposing advice. His father's advice is to make his men love him because they will do anything for him. On the other hand, Binicky tells Richie that all great leaders were hated. With these two viewpoints, Richie is faced with a dilemma.


S2 E6
Oct 30, 1974
Richie fights his fears over attending a Halloween party at a haunted house where he believes he saw a headless ghost.

Not With My Sister You Don't

S2 E8
Nov 20, 1974
Richie's surprise over little sister Joanie's first real date turns to shock when he learns it's with Spike, a pint-sized replica of his Uncle Fonzie.

A Star Is Bored

S2 E10
Dec 4, 1974
Richie reasons that their church baseball team loses all its games is because the players do not have uniforms, so he organizes a fundraising performance to pay for the uniforms.

Guess Who's Coming to Christmas

S2 E11
Dec 18, 1974
The Cunningham family plans a quiet, old-fashioned family Christmas until Richie discovers Fonzie faces a lonely holiday.

Open House

S2 E12
Jan 8, 1975
Over the protests of Richie, whose parents are out of town, Potsie invites three stranded beauty pageant contestants to spend the night.

The Cunningham Caper

S2 E14
Jan 22, 1975
Richie is sick in bed with the flu and is bored with eating soup and doing crossword puzzles. But when his family leaves him alone in the house, pandemonium breaks loose when Fonzie, Potsie, Ralph and a burglar join him.

The Not Making Of The President

S2 E15
Jan 29, 1975
Election time becomes complicated for Richie when he gets a crush on a girl campaigning for Adlai Stevenson. His dad's an avid Ike booster.


S2 E16
Feb 12, 1975
Richie, Potsie and Ralph Malph visit another part of town to meet some girls and find themselves in trouble when the girls' boyfriends show up. Fonzie steps in to save the day.

Get A Job

S2 E18
Feb 26, 1975
It's a new experience for Richie when he becomes romantically attracted to an "older woman."

Kiss Me Sickly

S2 E22
Apr 30, 1975
When Fonzie goes out of town for a week, he asks Richie to keep an eye on his girlfriend for him.