The Ultimate Ghosts Binge-Watch Guide

With Season 2 Fast Approaching, We Reminisce About Six of Season 1’s Great Episodes
Posted on Aug 8, 2022 | 12:00am
The second season of Ghosts premieres September 29, so it seems like the perfect time to revisit some great episodes from Season 1 of the CBS hit comedy, streaming now on Paramount+!

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To jog your memory, the show features Sam and Jay, inheritors of the century-old Woodstone Mansion. Their plans to turn the estate into a bed-and-breakfast are put on hold when Sam takes a spill down the staircase, a fall that leaves her with the ability to communicate with the dead! She learns she’s living with eight ghosts, all of whom demand her constant attention. Add in a set of meddlesome neighbors, as well as Jay’s inability to see or hear the spectral lodgers unless his wife’s around to translate, and you’ve got a hilarious house of “horrors” on your hands!

In 18 screamingly funny episodes, available to stream now on Paramount+, Sam and Jay learn about the eras in which their ghostly housemates lived, while the ghosts discover the delights of social media, reality TV and junk food. Read about these six un-boo-lievable Ghosts episodes, and then subscribe to Paramount+ to watch them all!