The Hardest Ghosts Trivia Quiz in This Life and Beyond!

You say you’re a diehard Ghosts fan? Take this spookily challenging quiz and find out!
Posted on Aug 8, 2022 | 12:00am
The ghosts at Woodstone Mansion won’t make you scream (though they are screamingly funny), but the difficulty of this quiz might! Only someone who knows the show as well as Sam and Jay know their eight ghostly housemates will ace this Paramount+ Ghosts trivia quiz!

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If you’ve got ’em, confer with your own collection of spectral pals as you test your memory with these spooky questions from the hit otherworldly sitcom! Then watch Ghosts on Paramount+ with the both haunts and the “livings” of your household.

Now go! Take the quiz! What are you waiting for? An en-grave-d invitation?