Season 4

Episode Guide

Terror In Times Square: Chasing A Madman

S4 E1
Nov 8, 2023
When a would-be terrorist attempts to set off a bomb in Times Square, the FBI embarks on a high-speed, high-stakes race against time to catch the bomber.

Operation Knockout: The Biggest Takedown

S4 E2
Nov 8, 2023
Following the murder of a Deputy Sheriff by a Latino gang, the FBI leads a task force in Operation Knockout, the largest anti-gang operation in US history.

Ruby Ridge: The Real Story Part 1

S4 E3
Nov 15, 2023
Following the fatal shooting of a U.S. Deputy Marshal during a stakeout of a wanted fugitive, the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team is called in.

Ruby Ridge: The Real Story Part 2

S4 E4
Nov 15, 2023
As the FBI prepares for a final assault on the remote cabin where fugitive Randy Weaver is holed up, a gruesome discovery puts the entire mission on hold.

Hunting GRAYSUIT: America's Deadly Traitor Pt. 1

S4 E5
Nov 22, 2023
An FBI investigative specialist with no undercover training goes undercover and comes face-to-face with Robert Hanssen, a suspected spy.

Hunting GRAYSUIT: America's Deadly Traitor Pt. 2

S4 E6
Nov 22, 2023
Eric O'Neill, an FBI investigative specialist with no undercover training, manages to win the trust of suspected spy, Robert Hanssen — or so he thinks.

The Disappearance of Chyenne Kircher Pt. 1

S4 E7
Nov 29, 2023
In 2011, 14-year old Chyenne Kircher disappears from her dysfunctional small-town Illinois home, leaving a convincing runaway note.

The Disappearance of Chyenne Kircher Pt. 2

S4 E8
Nov 29, 2023
The FBI doggedly wade through their prime suspect's emotional outbursts, half-truths and outright lies to find out what happened to Chyenne Kircher.

Chasing The Olympic Bomber Pt. 1

S4 E9
Dec 6, 2023
A pipe bomb at a concert is the first of a string of explosions during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics; the FBI have a serial bomber on their hands.

Chasing The Olympic Bomber Pt. 2

S4 E10
Dec 6, 2023
After another deadly bombing, a suspicious character in a wig is seen walking away, sparking one of the biggest manhunts in U.S. history.

Art Heist: Catching A Mastermind

S4 E11
Jan 25, 2024
After a tip from an informant, FBI agents work to track down priceless works of art stolen from Denmark’s national museum.

FIFA: Sports' Biggest Scandal

S4 E12
Jan 25, 2024
In 2015, the FBI uncovered a deep and widespread criminal conspiracy among members of FIFA - including wire fraud, racketeering, and money laundering.

Hunting a Terrorist Mastermind

S4 E13
Feb 1, 2024
When a bomb planted in a Ryder van explodes below the North Tower of the World Trade Center in 1993, the FBI sets out on an international manhunt for the man who built the bomb.

Stopping a Sniper

S4 E14
Feb 1, 2024
After a family doctor well-known for performing abortions is gunned down in his suburban Buffalo home in 1998, all clues point to an anti-abortion extremist as the sniper. But he’s nowhere to be found. Soon, the FBI turns to a rookie agent and a confidential informant in hopes they can ply a convicted clinic bomber and his wife for the intel that will bring this top 10 fugitive to justice.

Seattle Sex Trafficker: ‘You’re Gonna Be Rich'

S4 E15
Feb 8, 2024
An amateur filmmaker convinces teen girls to engage in prostitution for a fake documentary until the FBI exposes his multi-state sex-trafficking operation.

Finding Aldrich Ames: The Hunt for a Mole

S4 E16
Feb 8, 2024
When the CIA's most valuable Russian assets start disappearing one by one, the Agency and the FBI hunt for the mole who’s been betraying them since 1985.

The Birmingham Church Bombing: The Long Arc Of Justice Pt. 1

S4 E17
Feb 15, 2024
After the 1963 bombing of a Baptist Church in Birmingham takes the lives of four young girls, the FBI embarks on a four-decades-long quest for justice.

The Birmingham Church Bombing: The Long Arc Of Justice Pt. 2

S4 E18
Feb 15, 2024
FBI agents uncover new evidence from the Birmingham Church Bombing that could finally bring justice to the young girls killed in this act of racial hatred.