Season 7

Episode Guide

It Happened One Night

S7 E1
Oct 30, 1988
The Keaton's camping trip turns into a comedy of errors.

Designing Woman

S7 E2
Nov 06, 1988
Mallory discovers another employee is stealing her fashion designs.


S7 E3
Nov 13, 1988
Alex feels left out when Andy begins making new friends.

Beyond Therapy

S7 E4
Nov 27, 1988
Lauren sends Alex to group therapy to get him to open up more.

Heartstrings (1)

S7 E5
Dec 04, 1988
Steven suffers from a serious heart attack.

Heartstrings (2)

S7 E6
Dec 11, 1988
The family anxiously awaits while Steven undergoes heart surgery.

Heartstrings (3)

S7 E7
Dec 18, 1988
Steven struggles with fear after returning home after his heart surgery.

Basic Training

S7 E8
Jan 01, 1989
Skippy decides to join the Army.

Deja Vu

S7 E9
Jan 08, 1989
Jennifer dates Mallory's ex-boyfriend's brother.

Nick's Best Friend

S7 E10
Jan 15, 1989
Nick's devistated when his childhood dog is hit by a car.

Get Me To The Living Room On Time

S7 E11
Jan 29, 1989
Andy befriends two senior citizens from a retirement center.

The Job Not Taken

S7 E12
Feb 05, 1989
Alex must choose between a friendship and his career.

The Wrecker's Ball

S7 E13
Feb 12, 1989
Elyse races to save a building she designed from the wrecking ball.

My Best Friend's Girl

S7 E14
Feb 19, 1989
Skippy falls for Alex's girlfriend Lauren when she begins counseling him.

Till Her Daddy Takes The T-Bird Away

S7 E15
Feb 26, 1989
Steven refuses to co-sign on a loan for Mallory's new car.

Simon Says

S7 E16
Mar 05, 1989
Jennifer is caught in the middle when she beings working with her inept friend.

All In The Neighborhood (1)

S7 E17
Mar 12, 1989
Steve and Elyse face bigotry in their own backyard.

All In The Neighborhood (2)

S7 E18
Mar 19, 1989
The Keatons fight against bigotry in their own neighborhood.

They Can't Take That Away From Me (1)

S7 E19
Apr 02, 1989
Alex falls for someone else when Lauren leaves town.

They Can't Take That Away From Me (2)

S7 E20
Apr 09, 1989
Alex is forced to choose between Lauren and his new love.

Rain Forests Keep Falling On My Head

S7 E21
Apr 16, 1989
Jennifer becomes obsessed with protecting the environment.

Wrap Around The Clock (1)

S7 E22
Apr 23, 1989
The Keatons share a laugh when they look back at their past.

Wrap Around The Clock (2)

S7 E23
Apr 23, 1989
Andy's time capsule revives some funny family memories.

Mr. Keaton Takes A Vacation

S7 E24
May 07, 1989
Steven must confront his feelings about Nick when he moves in for a week.

Alex Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1)

S7 E25
May 14, 1989
Elyse gets upset when Alex takes a job in New York.

Alex Doesn't Live Here Anymore (2)

S7 E26
May 14, 1989
Alex bids a tearful goodbye to his family before moving to New York.