Season 4

Episode Guide

Welcome to the Peak

S4 E1
Dec 04, 2019
10 Reality celebs arrive in a winter wonderland to see if they can find their Next for cuffing season. What they don't know is that their Exes will be crashing in like an avalanche.

Winter Un-Wonderland

S4 E2
Dec 04, 2019
Callum and Nicole's Exes cause major trouble in the chalet. A love connection is made for one couple and quickly un-made for another. A new Ex arrives and the first Hot Date is awarded.

Caught Red Velvet Handed

S4 E3
Dec 12, 2019
Daniel makes an awkward attempt at a love connection. The heats rises in the Sauna of Secrets for a two-timing Single. The first Ex is ice'd out of the chalet.

De Niall Is Not Just an Ex

S4 E4
Dec 19, 2019
Marlon catches the attention of multiple Exes and Adore is not happy about it. A charming surprise interrupts the Hot Date.

Boo Years Eve!

S4 E5
Dec 26, 2019
The Sauna of Secrets uncovers a mystery for Marlon's ex. Two Singles find themselves fighting over the same Ex. Things get heated at the Ice Ceremony when one Ex makes a surprising move.

The Bird Has Landed

S4 E6
Jan 02, 2020
Georgia and Callum's relationship is put to the test when the Ex they dreaded the most shows up. Tensions flare over La Demi's latest love interest. A romantic Hot Date is awarded.

SOS, Save Our Singles

S4 E7
Jan 09, 2020
A shocking Sauna of Secrets means that the Singles have to watch their back at the Ice Ceremony. Allie and Niall's on-again-off-again relationship leaves Allie on shaky ground.


S4 E8
Jan 16, 2020
A perfect date turns into a perfect nightmare for one couple. Niall is met with serious competition for Allie's affection. Marlon and La Demi struggle to figure out their situation-ship.

Mums the Word

S4 E9
Jan 23, 2020
Georgia and Callum face their harshest critics. Marlon is caught between a rock and a hot place when an Ex arrives that jeopardizes his relationship with La Demi. The Ice Ceremony takes an unexpected turn.

Don't Say Soulmate

S4 E10
Jan 30, 2020
When a first love arrives at the Peak, the chalet's golden couple is thrown for a loop. A new connection and a surprise decision at the Hot Date leaves Tyranny seeing red.

Adore-able Mess

S4 E11
Feb 06, 2020
Adore's trip to the Sauna of Secrets jeopardizes her romance with Tyler. A new Ex provides a welcome distraction. La Demi's attitude towards her Ex pushes her best friends to turn on her at the Ice Ceremony.

Breaking Winter Balls

S4 E12
Feb 13, 2020
Adore is pushed to choose between her Ex and her Next, pushing one of them to spiral into a jealous fit. A Hot Date is rewarded that causes tensions to flare and leaves someone broken hearted.

Liar, Liar, Chalet on Fire

S4 E13
Feb 20, 2020
A shocking lie detector test throws the entire house into a frenzy; causing a strong couple to lose trust in their relationship, and Georgia finally learns the truth about Callum and Paris.

Say Yes to the Next

S4 E14
Feb 27, 2020
After the Truth Ceremony leaves the chalet in disarray, couples finally decide if they're leaving with their Ex, Next, or simply alone. One Single pops the question, while another leaves in shambles when the truth is too much to bear.